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Turning the vibrational tide

I am focusing on turning vibration tide in my life.. This photo my living room and my view of the ocean is why I live here. On days I don’t feel well or I am a little down I still … Continue reading

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What is this teaching you?

This morning I woke up feeling quite sorry for myself. My jaw was really sore since last night. I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t figure out why it was so keyed up. I’ve been eating soft foods and thought it was … Continue reading

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Close to being done…

I am beyond sad and frustrated today. I had the worst Thanksgiving of my life. I wasn’t even hungry; I had to force myself to eat all day. Dinner was Progresso Chicken Rice Soup. I did manage to get out … Continue reading

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No, I’m not tense. My Jaw is just locked:-)

I’m feeling better and stronger everyday. I went to a specialist on Friday who said I actually appeared to have detox symptoms. He thinks that’s what was draining me and causing an EBV relapse. Putting my mental and spiritual exhaustion … Continue reading

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