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Our Truth Is Love ~ Love, Sex And Poetry

Our Truth Is Love ~ Love, Sex And Poetry By: Linda A. Long We are In this Together It seems We are In this Together God Intersected our Paths A few years ago Allowing us To form a bond A … Continue reading

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My Languages of Love

I just spent some time reading Gary Chapman’s book “The Five Languages of Love.”While the book is intended for couple to use to improve their communication and to keep the “love ” alive in marriages, I was interested in finding … Continue reading

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Repositioning My Life For Growth – No Excess Daily Prompt

Perhaps too much of everything is as bad as too little.โ€ – Edna Ferber In full disclosure I must tell you this is a long post. If you aren’t into reading a long post right now, Bookmark me ๐Ÿ˜„ and … Continue reading

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Peaceful Connection – Love, Sex & Poetry

Peaceful Connection – Love, Sex & Poetry By: Linda A. Long The journey Is yours to walk I canโ€™t walk it for you Relying upon senses My soul Feels you need reassurance I offer you comfort Rising up My senses proclaim … Continue reading

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Sensual Conspiracy – Love, Sex & Poetry

Sensual Conspiracy – Love, Sex & Poetry By: Linda A. Long A flash An intense flash Brought you To the front of my mind I paused And welcomed you To my experience I was uplifted by Your energy Traveling to … Continue reading

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Aging Parents – The Cycle Of Life

My Mother is turning 75 on May 14th and she is dynamo. Sheโ€™s 4โ€™11โ€ and packs a powerful punch. If you need some straight talk with no bullshit, sheโ€™ll give it to you โ€“ even if she just met you. … Continue reading

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How Many Mates Does Your Soul Have?

I do not believe in โ€œSoul Matesโ€ in the traditional sense. I do not believe two people are each otherโ€™s only soul mate forever. I believe we can have many soul mates in our life time. Sometimes it has nothing … Continue reading

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Crush – Dave Matthews Band

Another one of my FAVORITE Songs – “Crush” by Dave Matthews Band I love the beginning of this song and Dave’s small hiccup. It’s truly a very sexy sensual song. We’ve all had a crush on someone. We’ve all been … Continue reading

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