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Turning the vibrational tide

I am focusing on turning vibration tide in my life.. This photo my living room and my view of the ocean is why I live here. On days I don’t feel well or I am a little down I still … Continue reading

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Close to being done…

I am beyond sad and frustrated today. I had the worst Thanksgiving of my life. I wasn’t even hungry; I had to force myself to eat all day. Dinner was Progresso Chicken Rice Soup. I did manage to get out … Continue reading

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Sunday Update

I am not going to lie…the cascade of events that happened the last few weeks have been rough. It all started with jaw pain that got progressively worse. My body is still trying to calm itself down from medications, emotional … Continue reading

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Chin Up Princess

It happened yesterday as I was talking to my sister. I stopped and saw what I didn’t want to see. Some how I got myself spun into some type of breakdown of sorts. It is mostly physical but there is … Continue reading

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Self Care Sunday

I am sure it is clear that I’ve been using my blog as a online journal. I am using it as a place to capture my thoughts and document the events of my life. It’s also an outlet for my … Continue reading

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Migraines and Musings

Well, it’s Day 6 of head pain 😦 It is getting better slowly and I did get a few answers. First, I went to the Chiropractor last night. He said my Upper Cervical Spine was jacked up especially on the … Continue reading

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Migraine Again…

It’s Sunday at 12:22pm and the pain from a two day migraine relented a bit so I am writing a blog. I knew on Friday I was ripe for a migraine. I could feel the tension in my shoulders and … Continue reading

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It’s A Calling – Holistic Health Coaching

I went to my Chiropractor this morning. I’ve been in chronic muscle and joint pain from Sjogren’s Syndrome. My right hip especially has been on fire and in a spasm. I am not big on taking pain meds but I … Continue reading

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Catalyst Of Growth ~ Love, Sex And Poetry 

Catalyst Of Growth ~ Love, Sex And PoetryBy: Linda A. Long Can youLet goAnd loveA little deeperCan youCrack yourHeart openA little widerTo letIn the sunOf my loveAnd use my loveAs your catalystOf growthCan youSit withYour painHeartbreak and lossWithout tryingTo hide … Continue reading

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Taking Care Of Your Emotional Health

I am a positive thinker! I believe in and practice the Law Of Attraction. I believe in prayers and positive energy. I see the world as half full. However, I recently learned positive thinking yourself past your emotions all the … Continue reading

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Rising To Life’s Challenges

This has been a challenging weekend so far and it’s only 5:30am on Sunday morning. I felt pretty good Friday. My stomach was cooperative and I slept pretty good. I was hopeful to have a normal Saturday. When I work … Continue reading

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Allowing People In ~ A Lesson In Healing 

Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness. How do you know this is the experience you need? Because this is the experience you are having at the moment ~ Eckhart Tolle, A … Continue reading

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Meditation Is Not Group Therapy 

I meditate regularly. I’m not good at it. My mind offers a lot of chatter. Sometimes my mind is too active for me to sit longer than five minutes. But I do it anyway. I sometimes find myself wandering down … Continue reading

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No, I’m not tense. My Jaw is just locked:-)

I’m feeling better and stronger everyday. I went to a specialist on Friday who said I actually appeared to have detox symptoms. He thinks that’s what was draining me and causing an EBV relapse. Putting my mental and spiritual exhaustion … Continue reading

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Acceptance & Surrender(Living With Chronic Illnesses)

Um, yeah. I’m more stubborn than I care to admit. If you try to push me, be damn well sure I’ll dig my heels in😂 I am thankfully strong willed. I survived a lot of tragedy, heartache, bullshit and health … Continue reading

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I tried. I tried to hold it together as I felt it coming apart. I tried. I put the needs of others before my own. I tried. I thought a day or two in bed with my iPad and Netflix … Continue reading

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Path Lined With Kisses & Ice Cream Cones

I was too tired to go to Meditation class tonight. I came home with soup and snuggled up on the sofa with my iPad. It’s hard for me to give in to my body needing to slow down but I … Continue reading

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Thunder Inside Today 

Oh, there is thunder inside today😂😂 I’m fairly frustrated today so I’m writing it out in this blog. This isn’t my normal sexy poetry nor is it inspirational. It is, just life. Everyone gets frustrated from time to time. I’m … Continue reading

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Growing Pains 

  They don’t call them “Growing Pains” for no reason. Have you ever seen a Caterpillar break out of the cocoon and become a butterfly? The transformation process is a struggle! But then one day the Butterfly emerges and realizes … Continue reading

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Inconvenient Heart

   “She had a very inconvenient heart. It always insisted on feeling things ever so deeply.” ॐ – John Mark Green I have a lot to say this evening. I’m choking on everything I have to say this evening. It’s … Continue reading

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