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Turning the vibrational tide

I am focusing on turning vibration tide in my life.. This photo my living room and my view of the ocean is why I live here. On days I don’t feel well or I am a little down I still … Continue reading

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What is this teaching you?

This morning I woke up feeling quite sorry for myself. My jaw was really sore since last night. I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t figure out why it was so keyed up. I’ve been eating soft foods and thought it was … Continue reading

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Opening Up And Letting Go

Why I write this blog? I asked myself this question a few times over the last few weeks. I was thinking of closing the blog down. I reflected back to when I started writing it in 2010. I used those … Continue reading

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Taking Care Of Your Emotional Health

I am a positive thinker! I believe in and practice the Law Of Attraction. I believe in prayers and positive energy. I see the world as half full. However, I recently learned positive thinking yourself past your emotions all the … Continue reading

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Feel It To Heal It ~ Depression

NOTE: If you are here looking for love and sex poems, I’m working my way through a Depression. I create when I am happy, horny and joyous. I am none of those things right now. I hope with time my … Continue reading

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Courage To Accept And Change

Nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know ~ Pema Chodron In the past, I’ve found my suffering the highest at times when I resisted some change in my life. The truth is this depression … Continue reading

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Good People And Depression

There is no denying it anymore. I tried to fight and stop the fall. I just don’t know what I’m fighting for anymore. Why am I wearing myself out trying so hard in every aspect of my life? What is … Continue reading

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On The Edge

I see it happening. I know it is happening. I am trying very hard to stop it. I can feel it creeping up slowly the harder I fight it the deeper I slip. I am tip toeing around depression. It’s … Continue reading

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Proof ~ Love, Sex and Poetry

Proof ~ Love, Sex and Poetry I need to see it I need to see it In my head To understand it To believe it I need to feel it I need to feel it In my heart To accept … Continue reading

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The Guest In My House

This is the post that I’ve been somewhat reluctant to write. It’s been rolling around in my head for a while now. I’ve been carrying it around on my shoulders and in my heart. It’s weighing me down. I decided … Continue reading

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Are You Feelin’ My Good Vibrations?

I am very aware and in tuned with the emotions of those I care about.  It can be extremely rewarding and extremely worrisome at times. Today I am feeling a strong undercurrent of worry, anxiety, sadness and frustration not only … Continue reading

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Doing The Doggy Paddle

When I was a young girl my mother sent me for swimming lessons at the local recreation center. The first thing we learned how to do was the Doggy Paddle. Basically, the Doggy Paddle is treading water in one place; it’s not … Continue reading

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