Wednesday Journal Entry:

It’s Wednesday night at 6:00pm. I returned to work on Monday after being sick and working from home for two weeks. It hasn’t been too horrible even though I am not feeling great.

The pain in my jaw is calming down. Thank God! I don’t even need to take Tylenol for it anymore. Eating soft food, neck stretches and shoulder strengthening exercises has been helping. It’s not completely gone but it’s definitely feels like it’s healing. So, this all started with jaw pain that I couldn’t get under control. I had to take a lot of meds to help it settle down.

As someone with a sensitive stomach and somewhat weak constitution, meds do not agree with me. I’m not a pill popper, so taking that stuff caused some other issues. My personal life stress, work stress and physical exhaustion complicated things too. I know have a flare up of IBS swinging between D & C. The bloating is driving me nuts. I have a little baby head cold and my period is now almost three weeks overdue. I do not think I just automatically went into Menopause two weeks ago. Plus the stuffy nose, bloating and other issues can be PMS. Is it inappropriate for me to go to the mall to sit on Santa’s lap and ask for a Period?😂

Work hasn’t been too horrible because I haven’t been engaging much or offering any extra effort. I’m just doing my job; I arrive on time and I don’t stay late. No extra effort. Leadership has been giving me space too. I gave a presentation on Monday that went really well. I facilitated a very rewarding telcon meeting today for a risk involving a radar near the Canada. I’ve been working on a team of folks across the US that is spread up and outside of my Organization. It’s been fun. Anyways, one of the guys out west has really smooth phone voice☺️I kept losing track of my thoughts when he spoke because I kept thinking he has a good phone sex voice☺️💋😈I never met the guy in person. I have no idea what he looks like. I’m not saying I want to have phone sex with him. I’m just saying I really like his voice 😂And, he has the same initials as me 😂 Speaking of phone sex…I like it💋Bluelove should take advantage of being away alone and call me. He can talk me into a frenzy 💋😈🙏😂

All of this sexual misconduct stuff in the media reminded me of something that happened to me when I was 25. God blessed me with big boobs, a pretty face and a sexy body. I’ve had my share of admirers. Some wanted and some not so wanted. When I was 25, I worked in the corporate office of an electronics store. I worked in Loss Prevention. One day HR asked me if I would be willing to move over and work for the President. He was British and needed someone smart and polished. I agreed. I moved to front office. My cubicle was between the President’s office and the VP of Operations office. Both men were very attentive to me 😂The British President was especially distracted by me working outside his door. One day I was under my desk plugging something in when I heard the VP of Ops say to the President, “Hey, we got some good scenery up here now. I’ve been enjoying her!” The President responded, “Yes, I’ve been cream filled myself since she’s been here!”😂☺️ I slowly stood up from under the desk and watched them both run into their offices and shut their doors. After a week of the President drooling over me and me ignoring him, I got a call from HR out of the blue. They told me I was being laid off because they were downsizing😂

Well, that’s it for tonight…
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