Tuesday Notes

This hasn’t been an easy few weeks for me but I feel like I’ve made progress in the last two days.

I took take care of myself by teleworking. I wasn’t up to going into the office. There is a big difference between rolling into the living room in my slippers at 5:45am to start work at 6am and getting up at 4:30am, showering, putting make up on, getting dressed and driving and being available in the office all day. It was nice working here in the my apartment with the oceanview all by myself in the peace and quiet. I am done work for the week. My body still needs some TLC so I am off for the next five days to slow down.

I had a doctor’s appointment today since I was sick last week and seen in the ER. She put her fingers in my jaws when I opened my mouth and said, “yep, the left TMJ definitely has inflammation in it!” I could feel the bump when my jaw is opened. So how do you get inflammation out of a jaw when you are allergic to NSAIDS? The steroids were supposed to do it but they didn’t. She told me when I go back to Penn’s TMJ Center, they will probably want to give me Cortisone shot but she suggested I asked for a Botox series instead. It’s been shown to be very effective in TMJ. It lasts longer and sometimes goes away for good. My doctor also said, “Linda, you are tired. You look tired. Sleep, rest, clear your schedule. You need sleep and rest.” Yep, I know that and if you saw my dark circles, you would know it too. My body hit the wall pretty hard this time. Stress and steroids caught up to me.

I’ve known since last week that I definitely have TMJ. I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube videos. I learned a lot. First, I learned a few exercises that I am doing every day and they seem to help. I also learned one very important thing… I primarily chew on the left side of my jaw. The left side is the side with the inflammation. When you favor one side, it creates a imbalance in the Masseter muscles and in jaw strength on both sides. The P/T for TMJ videos I watched suggested folks who do this focus on chewing on the weaker side along with doing the stretches, strengthening exercises. As there is inflammation, I need to use ice only for 10 or 15 minutes a few times a day. No heat as heat will make it swell more. And, stay with soft foods to give the jaw a break. I actually was glad to have found these videos. It gave great information and I feel like it also gave me back some control in the healing process. This is the kind of stuff they are going to do in P/T anyway. I might as well start now.

Thanksgiving… Well, my plans for Turkey Day are going to be a Game Day Decision. I just don’t feel like driving up to Philly for the day or driving up to Philly and staying over. I am not up to it. I really need to slow down and let my body rest. Driving all day isn’t good. My drama queen mother, is of course, starting her normal drama so I don’t want to get caught up in that either. I am perfect content staying home, cooking myself dinner and taking care of Linda. Like I said, it’s a Game Day Decision. Something may change between now and 8am on Thursday but I am pretty sure I am staying home. Right, I still have pain in my jaw. I am still exhausted and don’t need any stress. That’s why staying home is feeling the right choice for me.

I had a long conversation with my IIN Accountability Partner. We really have become great friends. She gave a lot of great ideas. I love chatting with her about stuff because she knows the right questions to ask me about nutrition and primary food areas(career, relationship, exercise and spiritual). She easily pulls stuff out of me by asking the right questions. Not many people can do that. She suggested that lift all of dietary restrictions with exception to Shellfish and Gluten and just eat for enjoyment for a while. She thinks I worry too much about food that I stress myself out over it. Her point was well taken. Considering I may not have Sjogren’s Syndrome, I don’t really need to eat the Autoimmune Protocol diet anymore. As long as I eat softer foods, should be ok. We also chatted about work and relationships. I have my fingers crossed I get the temporary assignment as the Grants Coordinator and I also know I miss Bluelove very much. He’s been on my mind a lot lately 💙I want him in my life💙<

I am hoping some poetry starts flowing here soon. Journal writing is boring me. I will say that it has been good to use this as a way to document everything that’s happening at this time in my life. I made the art on this post with my iPad Pro and Apple Pencil 🙌💙✌️😊💁

That’s it for today.

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