Sunday Update

I am not going to lie…the cascade of events that happened the last few weeks have been rough. It all started with jaw pain that got progressively worse. My body is still trying to calm itself down from medications, emotional and physical exhaustion and stress overload. While I can’t commit to saying I feeling better, I have noticed some improvements. I think I am headed in the right direction.

I had Acupuncture on my jaw, SCM and Trap muscle on Thursday night. I had the best night sleep in weeks without any medication. My jaw pain was actually worse the day after Acupuncture but we expected that could happen. Today my jaw pain is around a 2 on a scale of 9 or 10 which is an improvement. We also figured out my SCM muscle and Trap muscle are contributing to my problem. This is the second time I injured this area. I injured it back in April. The question is…what am I doing to cause this problem? Could be posture? Yes. Could it the way I sleep? I don’t think so. My Pillow is very supportive and super conscious to make sure I am not rolling my shoulders forward or tucking my chin(trying to keep good posture when sleeping). At this rate, I am going to be in Physical Therapy forever.

One thing did come up for consideration… My 38DDDs boobs 😊Are they pulling down my shoulders? Are my bras cutting into my shoulder and cutting off muscle and nerves? Possibly. As a side note, I’ve been checking in with my sister once a day for the last week. We were talking yesterday about my boobs being too big, breast reductions, bras and wearing bras when sleeping. I told her I already went to a Plastic Surgeon for a consultation. He actually told me he would not recommend I have a reduction surgery as he said my body is actually proportional according to his measurements and calculations. I told my sister that the Plastic Surgeon said because I am in proportion, if I make my boobs smaller my hips and butt will look bigger 🙄Well, that was enough for my sister to go a 10 minute tangent about having a big booty, wanting JLo’s booty, certain men like big bootys and then she totally cracked me up when she said, “I don’t have a booty. You could be my booty double for photos!” Her booty double? 😂😂After I got done laughing, we agreed I need to wear a bra when I sleep now. I am going to order a “sleeping bra” today. We also agreed I need make an appointment at the local bra shop to get good supportive pretty bras. They will be expensive but if they help solve my problem, they will be worth it. She was disappointment because she really wanted me to be her booty double. 😂😂

I have two sisters. Diane is very serious and doesn’t mess around. She will lay you out in a split second. We are afraid of her 😂😂 My sister Terri is the silly one. We really crack each other up. Can’t even tell you how nights we stayed up drinking all night talking about crazy shit and laughing until we cried. Both of my sisters are my closest friends. Both of them have been very supportive through this health crisis and both wished I lived closer so they could “take care of me”.

Another thing happened yesterday, I found the below video online. OMG. It sounded so much like what was happening to me. He suggested that jaw, SCM, trapezius knots and problems could actually stem from tight AC Joint in the shoulder with shortening of the chest muscles. So, I checked out my AC Joint. OMG, it is so sore. I didn’t even notice it until I touched them. So, I started doing the AC Joint massage yesterday. You only do it for 15 seconds each day. I am doing it on both shoulders. I will talk to my physical therapist about it too. But, it doesn’t make me happy that it is another joint related issue. I will let you know if this helps.

The other thing that was acting up is that I got diarrhea and lot of Gastro issues starting last weekend. I ended up going to my doctor on Friday. She couldn’t tell if it was the stomach virus that is going around or if my gut flora got screwed up from the steroids. She also said I was dehydrated. Which is probably from sweating and diarrhea. No health crisis happens for me without being sent to the hospital for fluids 😂😂 I went on Friday afternoon. They pumped me up with fluids, gave me something to stop the nausea and told me take Probiotics once a day for 14 days. They also did some blood work which confirmed I didn’t have any infection but my Sodium, Calcium and B12 levels were a little low. I was dehydrated. On the way home, I stopped at the local health store and picked a high quality multi-strained probiotic. I started it on Friday night. Lots of folks with digestive issues take them every day. I will probably do that but at a lower dose. The diarrhea stopped immediately. I am still sweating like crazy. It’s not infection. I suspect my body is still trying to clear something out. And, my condo is on the 7th floor. With my oceanfront window blinds open, my living room to go up to 80 degrees without heat. My bedroom gets to around 75 without heat during full sun days. I closed the blinds, have the windows cracked and fans going but it’s hot in here. So I am wearing a skimpy negligee to stay cool 💋 The sweating is causing dehydration too. So, I have to try and watch that too. It’s been exhausting.

In some ways, I am starting to feel better but definitely not well. I did reschedule my MRI that was supposed to be done today. Nothing in the MRI is urgent. They will probably just send me to PT anyway. It’s more important I stay home rest and work to get my body in balance with good food and solid nutrition.

This brings me to my next dilemma. I am supposed to go back to work tomorrow. I am not sure I am physically up to a whole day. I am still sweating and a little dizzy. While I am starting to feel better, I am not sure I am that better yet. I do have all of my stuff home and could easily work form home. I sent my boss a text asking to work from home on Monday. I have everything I need here. If that doesn’t work for him, then I’ll have to call out sick. I think it will be ok. As I said, I think I am headed in the right the direction just not there yet.

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