Putting Life In Balance 

This is a brain dump post.

I’m 14 weeks into my Holistic Health Coach Course. The most positive impact the course has had on my life is that it’s forced me to look at the areas of my life that are considered Primary Food. Primary Food are the areas of life that nourish you off the plate such as: Job and Career Satisfaction, Exercise and Physical Activity, Spirituality(not religion but a connection to your higher self, Relationship, Sensual satisfaction (can be accomplished with or without a partner).

The beauty of this is that because I am more conscious and aware now I can feel when I am out of balance or alignment. When I feel that uncomfortableness creeping up or if I feel my muscles tightening up, I know to step back and do a Primary Food Scan. I look to through those areas for what is out of alignment and try to adjust.

This past week I could feel my delicate balance between work, home, family, friends and responsibilities wear on my emotions. I was feeling anxiety. I was tensing up and becoming a bit overwhelmed. Here are the issues:

My BFF has been living with Stage IV Metastatic Peritoneal Cancer. She has been holding her own the last year. She called me the other day to tell me that not only did it spread further it also reoccurred. It took me some time to adjust to our new reality. She is determined to live life to fullest to the end. Even though she’s not feeling great we committed to spending more time together face to face when she’s up to it. Her partner is a private guy. He’s been a good caretaker for her but really doesn’t want anyone hanging around the house too much. That may change but for now I respect that and his wishes. 😥

My Mother is having an issue with her home owners insurance wanting to drop her because of exterior maintenance. This is a complicated issue and it would all be solved if she would move to an apartment near my sister but she will not. She confessed to me her memories of my sister, my father and the happiest times of her life are in that house. She told me she won’t leave and she will die there one way or another. That statement is sitting on my chest and causing me constant worry. I’ve called in every favor I have and swallowed my pride asking people for advice or help for her. Her State Representative is working with my sisters to see if they can find a solution. But, let me say my heart is full with compassion and empathy for my Mom. It’s been hard to turn off the voices of her suffering. I feel it all day long. 😥

There’s been some work drama. I realized yesterday none of it directly affects me or involves me so I need to keep a distance in some ways. A bitter coworker vented to me. The Norma Rae in me felt her battle cry 😂😊The truth is Management did not take her concerns seriously and as result they are losing her. From my lens, I see her point because I experienced many of the issues with the same manager. I have a lot to say on this topic – if anyone cares to listen 😂😂😂

Physically, I’m feeling ok. Just a little tired this weekend so I am taking things easy. Emotionally, I miss my blue eyed muse. I try not to think about what his next move is. People tell me all day long he’s not coming back. That causes me anxiety as I don’t know what means for us and our connection. That also challenges my attachment issues and fear of loss. I try to just love unconditionally and have faith everything is working out for the highest good of all concerned. I try to focus on my love for him instead of my fear of losing him. I just wish people would stop speculating; that is tweaking the anxiety in me. Love is tricky 😂💙🦋

Back to school, some things became clear recently. I will not walk away from a pension to be full time health coach. That would be financial suicide. With the current level of support that my Mom needs I can’t do that. So, coaching will be my side business. It will be work I do to feed my passion. I Originally thought I wanted to focus on folks with Autoimmune Diseases but now I see Seniors are an underserved population. Since I do have a full time paycheck, I could offer seniors coaching at reduced rates and sliding scales for issues like Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and healthy grocery shopping. I talked to my accountability partner about this today. She is a fellow student who happens to be a Psychology Professor who specializes in aging 👍She helping me come up with plan. I will start doing some research. I need to find a name for my business and create a website too 👍

Lastly, I am loving my new comfortable Ford Escape. The blue is really pretty and I feel super comfy and supported while I drive. I also love that Siriusly Sinatra is back in my life on Sirius FM. I love that style of music.

Is your Primary Food in balance?

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