No Goodbyes ~ Love, Sex And Poetry

No Goodbyes ~ Love, Sex And Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

I won’t
Say goodbye
To you
I can’t
That word
That word
Hurts too much
It’s final
As if implying
I’m letting you go
It can’t be
It seems like
It was just yesterday
When I saw
You staring at my
Breasts and I felt
The lightening of lust
Hit my heart
As your beautiful
Blue eyes met mine
As if to say
Fuck me
You are
My aphrodisiac
My muse
My Bluelove
You are
The man for whom
I write poetry
You are
The man for whom
I paint in the colors of love
I create for you
Out my love for you
You stir
My creative juices
With words and colors
That speak
From my heart
Into yours
In erotic tones
I won’t say
I won’t even try
I just can’t
While others
Who care for you
Will line up
To send you off
I will quietly
Set my intention
To connect
With your
Heart and mind
On a spiritual plane
I will shine my love
Into your soul
And set
Your heart
On fire with
My loving intentions
I will
Make sure
You know
You are loved
As I spin
My heartstrings
Around your mind
And pull you
To me
With my thoughts
But I won’t say
This can’t be it
For us
Not yet
Not now
You’ll move on
While your gone
I’ll move on
While your gone
This is where
Our path splits
My heart swells
With love and tears
When I envision
My life
Without seeing you
How will I write
Love poems for you
I need you
Near me
I need to
Feel you
Loving you
Made me stronger
But I also know
You have to do this
I know
Playing smaller than
Your capabilities made
You unhappy and that
Was unfulfilling
We are similar
You and me
We like to
Play big
We want
The wild crazy ride
We want to grow
That’s why I know
You have to do this
And I
Well I
Will let go of you
With love
I will radiate love from
My heart
To yours
I will let go of you
With hope
Hope that
Your soul
Stays entwined
With mine
And our paths
Merge forever
I will pray
This separation
Makes our love stronger
I will shine
Love, joy and compassion
Into your beautiful eyes
Because I know
You love me
I will watch you
Walk out
The door
With tears
In my eyes
But I will not say
I will say
See you soon
Know one thing
My Bluelove
I love you
(C) 2017 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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I realized this weekend this blog was losing its focus. This blog is primarily for my poetry collection but I started posting my spiritual blogs here too. With that in mind, I started a new separate website/blog for my spiritual and personal growth essays. 
The Awakened Healer or, is the blog I will use for personal growth essays, Tarot Card stuff, Law Of Attraction, Spiritual information and information about Reiki. Also, I am taking my Reiki II training this Saturday and I’ll be in a study group for Reiki Master training all summer. I wanted a place to share those experiences. For now, I’m keeping that blog anonymously authored to protect my identity a bit. Some of stuff I will write there may be a little weird or “out there” for folks who don’t believe in spiritual stuff. Going forward – I will share my posts from that blog in my Twitter feed in the right sidebar of this site so LSP readers can see when I post over there. I moved a couple of posts over there already. I also changed my Twitter handle to match the new blog title.The layout may change, it is still “under construction”. I like having separate focuses for the two blogs now because they have different audiences. This gives me room grow and some freedom to write authentically.

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