Heart Chakra Opening ~ Blue Love Art 

This happened today🦄🙌💙🙏🔥#BlueLove

I needed to balance my Left Brain which I use in work with some Right Brain activites today. I needed to replenish myself spirituality and creativity. So, I did the Heart Chakra Yoga & Art activity from the below book while listening to album in the photo below.

After my yoga, mantra and meditation practice was over, this watercolor floated out of my Heart Chakra effortlessly💙 It symbolizes my heart opening to love 💙Blue Love refers to the beautiful blue eyes of my Muse which now inspires poetry and art💙🦄 Green is the color for the Heart Chakra and Red is for my passionate heart🔥

If there is a creative spirit in your life and they have an open mind, turn them on to this book and album. Especially if they are a yogi. However, I will say Kundalini Yoga isn’t for everyone. Some may find it weird😂😂 But it’s really powerful in harnessing personal power. No worries, turbin and headwraps are not required; I won’t be sporting one in public anytime soon😉

This is about leveraging Yoga to inspire creativity. Once you start tapping into this source of internal inspiration, creativity & art flows like a river in all aspects of life🙌🦄🎨

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Life Is Best When Lived Passionately 

#BlueLove 💙💙💙💙

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