My Languages of Love


I just spent some time reading Gary Chapman’s book “The Five Languages of Love.”While the book is intended for couple to use to improve their communication and to keep the “love ” alive in marriages, I was interested in finding out my “love language”.

The five languages of love are below with my scores next to them:
Words of Affirmation ~ 7
Quality Time ~ 11
Receiving Gifts ~ 2
Acts of Service ~ 2
Physical Touch ~ 8

As it turns out my primary love language is Quality Time. This is very much true. It’s very important to me to have time together. It can even be doing nothing or just running errands together. I like the face to face time. I especially like face to face time when you have McDreamy Beautiful Blue Eyes💋😉😂❤ My two strong secondary Love Languages are Words Of Affirmation(support). Yep, I like to chat up my men😂 And Physical Touch! When in a relationship, I’m extremely affectionate. I like to hug, touch and feel. I like to run my hands across his as I pass. I am very affectionate and need physical non sexual contact with my lover. For example, I love when a man rest his hand at the small of back or brushes against me. I love resting my foot or leg against a man’s leg under the table for no one else to see. I am a hugger. If you are in a relationship with me, you will be touched! I love physical contact, sexual and non sexual.

As far as the other two love languages go, I wasn’t surprised at the results. I prefer to give gifts rather receive. I like giving. But I do always love a thoughtful gift and the surprise of receiving something unexpectedly. Lastly, Acts of service aren’t very important to me. It feels and seems like doing chores to express love. Unless a man is servicing me in the most sensual way, there’s no need to perform an act of service.

Interesting book to read whether you are in a relationship or just preparing for your next one:-)

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