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This is one of those blogs I have to write to move stuff out of the way of my creative writing juices. I’ve been a bit blocked this week because my mind and intellect have been preoccupied for a few reasons.

First, my mind has been preoccupied with work. This is actually a very good thing. This is important to me because it signifies a shift in my perception about my job and a change in my perspective on how I approach my career. A change in roles and responsibilities brought with it greater interest in the work my group does because I found an opening, a opportunity, where I can be “Linda” and do something that makes a difference. While I never thought I would have an interest in Risk Management, I can see now why it would be appealing to me. It allows me to be strategic and futuristic while also building relationships with stakeholders. The StrengthFinders Test says my top five skills are Strategic, Futuristic, Ideation, Intellection and Relator. Working on Program/Project Management with a focus on Risk actually allows me to use my natural skills. It also appeals to my spiritual need to make a difference in my career and work with purpose greater than ordinary tasks🙌 It is a good change and it is more aligned with my intellectual aptitude. It works, for now, or at least until I’m ready for something new again😂🦄

My creativity has also been blocked a bit because I’ve had a headache almost everyday this week from a neck issue. I have Herniated Discs in my neck. It’s probably my fault it’s acting up. When I feel good, I forget to watch my posture, do my neck stretches m use my foam roller on the knots at the base of my skull and I wasn’t going to the Chiropractor regularly which got me off track. I’m taking a few days to get myself back on track and spending today applying moist heat for 20 minutes every hour. It definitely loosened up since yesterday🙏

Lastly, my poetic creativity has been blocked this week because my blue-eyed muse is still out of town which means I don’t really have any erotic flirtatious inspiration. I guess that says something about my feelings and loyalty to him in that I have not been flirtatious with other men while he’s been gone. My feelings for him are still strong and loyal. I also decided I need to wait and see what happens between us when he comes home permanently to gauge where we are headed long term. My intuition says it’s NOT time to let go, give up hope or move on yet. I’ll wait and see what happens. I’ve waited this long for him; what’s a little longer – especially if what we have is meant to be❤️💋

I have been doing a lot of spiritual work, healing old wounds and letting go through forgiveness. I’ve learned forgiveness is tough stuff. I’ve been in the same room as the man who betrayed my trust as a teenager on numerous occasions, I am even forced to socialize with him, but I never forgave him. He never asked me to forgive him. He’s sick now. I am compassionate to him, his family and my Mother. He has changed & I recognize that. I even understand he was broken at the time and hurt me because he was hurting. But, forgiveness is tough stuff and I can’t say I am there yet.

To help me work towards forgiveness, I am using “A Course In Miracles.” I’ve also been reading/listening to a lot of books/lectures by Marianne Williamson. She is the best known teacher of the Course. I love her lectures and books but we differ in our political views. She is a raging Liberal and I find myself more conservative as I age. So, I listen to her for her teachings on the Course and ignore her political statements🙏 I love books! I love to read them and, now with Audible, I love to listen to them.

Hopefully writing this and moving some words out of head will free up some room for creative writing and lusty poetry 🙏❤️💋

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