Reconnecting With Spirit

Many people come to beach to find peace; but what do you do or where do you go when the beautiful blue ocean is your everyday view?

While looking out my living room window and seeing the beach and ocean is peaceful, it’s part of my everyday life. It doesn’t offer me the same decompression others experience. I don’t smell the salt air anymore. My breathing no longer changes when I hear the ocean waves. I do love where I live. I am grateful I’ve been afforded the opportunity to live here. However, when I feel the pressures of life building up, I know I need to remove myself from my everyday life and take respite. I knew I needed to disconnect to reconnect and remember to enjoy being alive.

As I moved through Depression and some life issues the last few weeks, I felt the need to disconnect from my life just for a little bit to change my prospective. I originally thought of going on a retreat at Kripalu but they didn’t have a private room available. I was going to get a hotel room on the Ben Franklin Parkway in Philly to spend a day in the Museums but the rooms were crazy expensive because the Philly Marathon was this weekend. Thursday morning I decided to hop a Greyhound Bus to NYC for the day on Friday.

The interesting thing about my day trip to NYC on Friday is that I didn’t have a plan. Normally when I go to NYC I plan my stay out, I map my activities out. I even buy tickets in advance. This time I just went where the spirit moved me.

I woke up with out an alarm at 4:00am. I hopped out of bed and caught the 6:00am bus into NYC which was two hours earlier than I originally planned to get there😄 Breakfast is my favorite meal. I like going to unique places for Breakfast. Since I got in NYC by 8:30am I went to Friedman’s on W 31st at 7th Avenue for my favorite meal. I LOVE Friedman’s! They specialize in Gluten Free, Organic, Grass Fed food and the coffee is ground onsite in front of diners. Also, their homemade Chicken Sausage patties are delicious. I go to Friedman’s for Breakfast each time I am in the city.

When I walked out of the restaurant, I still didn’t have a plan for the day. I walked back to 7th Avenue and saw the big red double decker tour bus go past me. Lightbulb 😂I had a plan. I hopped on the Downtown tour bus. It was $35 for the day and I could hop on and off. It was a bargain considering I didn’t pay for cabs, subway or buses the rest of the day. I hopped off half way near the Brooklyn Bridge. I walked half way across the bridge. Next time I’ll plan to walk the whole way. I walked over of the World Trade Center area and 911 Memorial. I spent a few hours in this area. I hopped back on the bus and then got off at the Untied Nations, took a break in Bryant Park and visited the Library. At this point I was cold and tired. With the big buildings blocking the sun, it was chillier than I thought it would be. It was only 2:30pm and I was ready to come home. I had been sick for a couple weeks with a cold/sinus infection. It wasn’t and still isn’t completely gone. I think it wore me out a bit. I caught a 3:30pm bus home.

The bus dropped off at the Tropicana Casino so I ordered PF Changs take out from the bus😂We got there around 6:00pm because of rush hour traffic. This where the crazy happened😱After a whole day in NYC, I almost got mugged for my bag of PF Changs food while waiting for Jitney bus 10 minutes from my home in AC. This is ironic because I feed AC homeless every Tuesday night😂The guy was trying to talk to me. He was becoming angry with me. I really had no cash on me. At 7:00pm on a dark night in AC while I was alone was not the time for me to try to do outreach work. I started backing up towards the Valets. He shouted at me and walked away. I saw the Jitney about a block away when I realized the Jitney stop moved. As I started walking towards the stop, the homeless guy saw me; he started walking to me and shouting again. That’s when the Universe had my back; the Jitney door opened right in front of me before the stop. The driver saw I was in trouble🙏 The experience made me realize perhaps the group I volunteer with needs to do more outreach. That guy could have had a full dinner including dessert plus a warm place to sleep that night if he only walked 1/2 mile down the street. I did call and report this to ACPD. The guy seemed too clean to be homeless. The Cops told me they get a lot of day trippers who get stranded here because they lose everything. Maybe he crapped out in the Casino. He definitely seemed deseparate.

I woke up early again on Saturday and still felt restless. So I drove up to Philly. I was trying to get to the Fairmount/Parkway section but it was closed for the Philly Marathon. Ended up at Reading Terminal Market and walked the Christmas Village at LOVE Park. I got home around 3pm and finally hit the wall😴Finally slept good last night. Staying put today. I still have some lingering sinus stuff and I am exhausted. I will be my pjs until I go to work tomorrow😂

Disconnecting from the noise in my life to just enjoy being alive was just what I needed. While I am no longer in the depths of Depression, I am still not totally back to my normal self. I’m ok with sitting with these deep complex feelings for a bit. I feel like God is getting me ready for something big and wonderful. My intuition is telling me I needed to do this stuff for myself in preparation for the next big thing in my life. Today I will be resting, staying warm and taking care of myself before I hit the resume button on my life at 5:00am tomorrow.

Are you taking care of yourself physically, spiritually and emotionally? Are you surrendering to your life or resisting truths that are now in your life? Can you disconnect from your life to reconnect with spirit?

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Life Is Best When Lived Passionately 

Below is the famous LOVE Artwork in Philly’s Love Park on the south side of City Hall. The Christmas Village & Ice Rink are there too👍❤️ #myhometown #ilovephilly

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