Taking Care Of Your Emotional Health

I am a positive thinker! I believe in and practice the Law Of Attraction. I believe in prayers and positive energy. I see the world as half full. However, I recently learned positive thinking yourself past your emotions all the time isn’t always so positive and can have negative affects on your health.

As my emotions start to level out and I approach equilibrium, I can see I used positive thinking techniques to the point of non-acknowledgement. I never truly gave space in my heart or head to the deep heavy emotions I was feeling. I would have one day of sadness and immediately work to “be happy” because that’s what society was expecting. If you are true and authentic by admitting you are sad, you are viewed as weak or negative.

As I allow myself to sit with my painful stuff for a period of time, it’s nice to drop the mask and just be authentic with my emotions. It won’t last forever but this time of my life taught me new skills. This time taught me to be empathetic and compassionate to myself. It taught me positive thinking is great but we must acknowledge our darkness to bring it into the light. It also taught me society conditioned me to believe I should appear positive and happy all the time. Society also taught me not to talk about my emotions.

While we openly discuss our blood pressure, our sugar levels or various physical ailments, there’s something taboo about taking about your emotional health. We hide our true selves. We fake it until we make it happy. I think this leads to people not seeking help when they need it. I think this keeps people suffering because they don’t want anyone to know they hurt. The bottled up raw emotions will come out in some way at some time – Alcohol abuse, anger issues, suicide attempts, work place issues. The pressure has to be released at some point.

As I move through the stages of Depression, I made a choice to share my experiences on my blog to show it’s ok to be human and have feelings. You are allowed to be sad but you are not allowed to wallow in self pity. Take the steps, admit you need support. Talk to someone. Release the pressure before you break.

If you are in my life, you are allowed to not be happy while you work through life’s challenges. Life sucks sometimes. Life is complicated and messy at times. You don’t have to pressure yourself to tell me your are great when you are not. Be honest with me and yourself. Be compassionate and empathetic to yourself. Take care of yourself.

While some seem surprised I would share my story and my deep personal issues so openly on this blog, I do so to help others. This blog gets about 50-100 hits per day. Maybe someone who hits me up needs to hear this message.

My Mother knows I’ve been struggling lately. She also knows the family has been leaning on me for support a bit too much lately. They are blowing up phone and stressing me out FOR REAL😂😂😂😂She acknowledged yesterday that it must be taking a toll on me. I was sitting on her sofa resting for a few moments before getting dressed for my niece’s 30th birthday surprise party (we got her good, by the way) 😂😂😂Mom nonchalantly walked over me and handed the book in the screenshot below. All she said was, “Read it” 😂😂😂As I opened it up, I saw her tear up as she walked away. I am doing as ordered and starting to read it today.

If you need coping skills or emotional support, please visit http://www.helpguide.org for the Emotional Intelligence Toolkit👍

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