No, I’m not tense. My Jaw is just locked:-)

I’m feeling better and stronger everyday. I went to a specialist on Friday who said I actually appeared to have detox symptoms. He thinks that’s what was draining me and causing an EBV relapse. Putting my mental and spiritual exhaustion aside, we talked about things that could potentially cause my symptoms: reaction to a drug, heavy metals, toxic chemicals or exposure to a chemical I’m allergic to or toxic level of a vitamin or mineral in my blood. He also checked me for some other less common illnesses that can cause my issue.

Today was the first day I felt completely rested when I woke up at 7:30am. Every other day I woke up until 11am, 12pm or even 1pm and still did not feel well or rested. I also noticed today I don’t have any belly pain, I’m not sweating and my bowels have calmed down. If I was detoxing something, I think the worst is over.

I’m hoping we determine what it was with my blood work because otherwise how will I know what to avoid? A few things come to mind: The HVAC unit in the bedroom of my rented condo is on its last leg. They can’t replace it until the season is over because they would have to turn the chiller for the whole building off. They sprayed the coils with a solvent that stunk and made my condo smell like chemicals for days. Also, my GP told me to take an Iron supplement for a month. Maybe it was too much. Next, I love Sushi. Tuna is high in Mercury. I try to be careful how much I eat. I normally eat Salmon. Lastly, water – this is unlikely in my area but I’ll be drinking bottled water only going forward and bringing my own coffee to work instead of drinking coffee made with the water at the plant at work. Right now, I’ll have to wait and see what the blood work says. I am happy worst appears to be over.

In addition to my detox symptoms, I developed what I thought was a toothache in recent days. I went to the Dentist today. He said my teeth are good and healthy but my Temporomandibular Joint on the left side was swollen and seemed to be in a spasm. I remembered tripping and hitting the bottom of my chin about a week or so ago. It didn’t hurt at that time but he said I could have had some swelling in there. With being allergic to NSAIDS, I can’t take Advil or Motrin. So I have to use an ice pack three times a day and do some stretching exercises. Let’s be honest, I probably have been tensing up lately too from stress.

I left the Dentists office and immediately drove to a local day spa and asked for a 30 minutes shoulder and neck massage😂 It worked out even better than I thought it would. A fantastic little Asian woman did 60 minutes and charged me only for 30 minutes because she said I was so tight and needed it😂 I tipped her pretty heavy👍She did a mix of Deep Tissue, Cranial and Swedish Massage with some Reflexology on my feet. She was standing on the soles of my feet at one point😂😂She also gave me some stretches for my shoulders. It was one of the the BEST massages I have ever had and I’ve had A LOT of massages over the year. I will be going back to her.

In light of my recent physical breakdown, I’m evaluating all aspects of my life to determine where I can take better care of myself going forward. I think my body holds tension and stress. While I do yoga, pray, say mantras, meditate and exercise, it’s not getting the tension out of my shoulders and upper back. I see the Chiropractor once a month. I think I may need to get at least a 30 minute upper back and shoulder massage every six weeks so it doesn’t build up. I also need to do self massage with a foam roller and tennis ball most days. Lastly, I need to focus on maintaining good posture. My posture has been poor lately as I’ve been resting, laying around and on the sofa a lot.

So now I am tired and relaxed from the massage. My jaw is quite sore from the exercises and the first round of ice; hopefully, that improves each day. Tomorrow I’ll need to go food shopping and get my act together to go back to work on Wednesday.

That’s the scoop here. I may have stressed myself out and locked up my jaw but I am also proud of myself. I surrendered and let my body have the time it needed to rest and heal. Whatever I was detoxing seems to have cleared👍 I’m feeling almost normal and looking forward to starting the new 21 day free meditation series from Chopra Meditation later tonight

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6 Responses to No, I’m not tense. My Jaw is just locked:-)

  1. basdenleco says:

    Fantastic to hear how positive you are.

  2. Oh I would love a proper massage. I am very tense in my shoulders and I must have something blocked as my finger on the left tend to “pins and needle” when I cycle or when I am asleep (which wakes me up)- though I practice yoga as well.
    As for meditation:
    I tried it years ago, but I just can’t switch off my mind.

  3. I don’t know anyone can completely shut off their mind meditation. That’s why mantras are helpful. When your thoughts get off track, you come back to the manta 🙂

  4. I do have a running mantra whenever I get tired:
    I have a purpose, one step in front of the other!
    Works most of the time!

  5. I like it. I use two: Guru Guru Wahe Guru Guru Ram Das Guru for enlightens, self love & growth. Om gum ganapatayai Namaha which is to Ganesha to remove all obstacles in my life👍

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