Signs Or Just Bad Timing

I am physically, emotionally and spiritually exhausted😴😴 I was going to call out sick from work because it was extremely difficult to get out of bed this morning. I pushed myself and went it. After a stressful a conversation this morning, I feel I have another “situation” to worry about and wonder if I belong there at all. Staying home may not have avoided the issue but at least I would have been stronger and less emotional when it came up next week.

The reason the topic affected me so much was because I prayed to my sister and angelic guardians for a sign about work. Mostly, I asked if it was time for me let go of the hopes I had, both personal and professional, and open myself to something or someone new. As the other person spoke to me, I remembered I asked for a sign. I guess because I am not feeling well, not sleeping or eating much and I am wired tired, I interpreted the conversation I had today as my sign. If that’s the case, I will work to acceptance and move on. If it wasn’t my sign to move on, it was exceptionally poor timing on the part of the Universe😂😂😂💪💪 Don’t hit someone when you know they are already struggling, especially because it could have waited until next week. That’s the way life happens all at once or nothing at all. I just don’t know anymore.

I left work at Noon and stopped at the Pho store to get Chicken Broth. I used the Ladies Room. I took the photo on this post in the Ladies Room. It was painted on the wall. My eyes welled up with tears as I saw it. Another sign…If this is the end, it is also a new beginning for me. I am too tired to think about the complexities of that statement right now. I also still need some at clarity on the issue before I make assumptions.

I just sipped a mug of broth and drank some Ginger Ale. That’s my diet lately. Feel free to drop some off if you are near by😂I took my fist full of vitamins and now I am resting until I knock myself until tomorrow to finally get some deep sleep this weekend. I will pray for my highest good and for the highest good for others affected.

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