Asteya – Are You Stealing From Your Happiness?

I am experienced meditator. Therefore, I am taking an advanced six week meditation class series🙏 This series is focusing on the the Yamas of Yoga. “The Yamas of Yoga are the moral, ethical or societal guidelines for the practice of yoga.” My meditation group is working with “Asteya” for the next two weeks.

When literally translated, Asteya means non-stealing. However, it has many applications in life. My homework from Thursday night’s meditation class is to reflect(meditate) on how do I give myself away, how do I steal from myself or my happiness by not honoring who I am. Whoa! This exploration is not for the fainted of heart as it requires being really honest with oneself. Believe me a lot of deep buried shit can and has come up for me during this series. I am grateful to “unstitch” myself a bit from old patterns as well as buried emotions. I’ve been choosing to refrain from chit-chatting a bit during day lately while I allow myself to be pensive and mindful about my thoughts and actions.

As I reflect on Asteya, I am very aware that I am much better now at taking care of myself and honoring who I am. I walked seven miles today and allowed my thoughts to focus on my life and how I stole from my happiness in the past. What I realized during this moving meditation was that I’m actually a better gate-keeper for myself than I used to be. The changes that I made in my life in the last few years put me in a better position to honor who I am and not steal from my own happiness.

During my walk, I truly felt like today was one of the best days I’ve had living in AC❤️🙏I ate a great breakfast at a local cafe. I walked seven miles around town. I supported the local arts community and visit a new exhibit. I shopped a little in the Tanger Outlets. All of this with my car never leaving my parking lot.

As I was enjoying my walk around town, I felt deep gratitude swell in my heart as I knew moving into my high-rise in AC in January 2014 was probably the best decision I made in my life in recent years. I say this because this move gave me the space to nurture myself. It gave me a peaceful non-stressful home to sit in silence to hear my own inner wisdom. It disconnected from an environment that was no longer for my highest good. Please know that nothing about that choice to move three years ago was easy to make.

The epiphany that I had to move and give myself a fresh start happened in October of 2013 when I had two weeks off from work during a government shutdown. That’s when I developed the plan. It required distancing myself from my roommate, disconnecting from a crowd of people, being disciplined enough to live on a budget, giving up an expensive monthly membership at a yoga studio that I loved, taking a small personal loan(which is now paid back), buying all new furniture,downsizing, throwing shit out, getting over my fear of living alone☺️,letting go, moving on from a broken heart, moving into a city a never lived in before and hoping for the best. As you can see, there was a lot of risk in my decision. I am a risk-taker by nature but this one was big for me. Guess what? I won. I won. Almost 2.5 years later, I’m still here & thriving. All because I stopped stealing from my own happiness, I listened to the little voice inside of me and I believed God would provide for me.

Someone asked me today if I would ever move out of AC. I know better than to say never. Life changes; people move. I will say I am not sure I could see myself living in a traditional large home offshore anymore but I believe in going where the spirit and journey calls me. For now, it wants to stay coastal but as I said…life can change. I will go where I am called 🙏

I am sharing this on my blog today because my intuition feels like someone needs to hear these words. I’m not really sure why. If you are reading this and my words resonant with you, I challenge you reflect on how you are stealing from your own happiness by not honoring who you’ve grown to become 🙏

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