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This is my fourth time at Kripalu Center For Yoga and Health in the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts👍🙏 Each time I come here my experience is a little different.

My first trip was in March 2012 and it was absolutely amazing. I came for R&R and self care for four days. It was during a time of great transitions in my life; I was under a tremedous amount of stress. That visit to Kripalu gave me the tools and confidence to move forward in a new life. It was also the first time I hiked six miles straight up a mountain. Guess what? I didn’t die while doing it😂 My fellow hikers pushed me to finish and I did👍🙏It was truly a life-changing trip that reconnected me to my authentic self.

My second and third trips kind of go together. The second trip was in March 2013. I wasn’t feeling well the day before my trip. I thought it would pass. By 9pm on my first night I had a 102 fever. I asked for a credit for my remaining days. I then drove all the way home sick. My third trip was in May 2013 for a weekend. In this trip is I learned I only needed three days/two nights here and I learned I won’t come here when it’s hot – no a/c! It was HOT even in the mountain🔥

This brings me to this trip. I came this time to reconnect with my spiritual practices. I am also taking a workshop on Kundalini Yoga which is more lecture than Yoga. I’m enjoying the deep meditations, chanting mantras and unusual asanas. The instructor is interesting and funny. I hiked again. It’s 6:30pm on Saturday and I am barely keeping my eyes open. There’s a concert at 7:30pm. Hope I perk up😂😂

My observations from this trip are: I love the mountain scenary. The food has too many spices for my pallate. While I am enjoying the fresh organic veggies, the spices are not agreeing with me. I have serious GAS and can’t go to the bathroom👎😂😂 I love love love Kundalini Yoga 🙏 Guru Singh is great👍🙏 But I will not be his disciple or groupie. I am not a follower nor do I worship false Gods. I’m a Catholic in name only but I do believe there is only one God worthy of my worship. My God is the God Almighty🙏😄 A weekend is all I need here. Some of these people are really out there. I actually said in class today, “This is Utopia; it’s not real life. Tell me how to take what your teaching back to my real life!” Many of groupies looked at me like I was the one who drank the cool-aid not them😂😂😂 I decided I will only come back for weekend programs because they are structured and I enjoy the drive up & back. The worst part of the drive is the Garden State Parkway from 7S to 163! Lastly, it’s been nice to be around folks with some similar interests who are also interested in growth.

The nice thing about Kripalu and Kundalini Yoga is that it’s not only yoga but emcompasses so much more. It’s here I get tools that help me stay true to Linda in a world of friends and coworkers who routinely try to get me to conform and be like them.

I am looking forward to going home tomorrow. My original plans where to check into The Borgata tomorrow night, have dinner with friends and then go to Spa Toccare all day one Monday. Well, things may change a bit. My houseguests are leaving a day early, one of the friends that was going to meet me tomorrow night at the Borgata is sick and the other can’t drive herself. I also have a condo with an oceanview that is better than the low floor room I was paying $150 a night to stay in. Therefore, I am pretty sure I will be happily sleeping at home tomorrow night but still spending the whole day Monday in Spa Toccare getting Massage, Facial, Manicure and Pedicure. I’ll probably drop some coin in a slot and have lunch too but all in all saving $150. I knew my thriftness would eventually have a problem with the indugences. So, I will give up the unnecessary hotel room but keep the all day spa appointment🙏🙏🙏😂❤️👍

I am heading down to Guru Singh’s concert now🙏👍❤️

Peace out, Namaste or Sat Nam as they say in Kundalini Yoga

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