Arsonist Of My Heart ~ Love, Sex Poetry

Arsonist Of My Heart ~ Love, Sex and Poetry
By: Linda Long

The fire burns
Within my
And spreading
Through my body
To the tips of fingers
Shooting out of my head
Blazing in my belly
Burning between my legs
Setting my body
With thoughts
Of you
The fire
Is spreading
Taking over
My being
Wet desire
Fanning the flames
I am engulfed
By its command
Pulled to it
Burning hot
The fire burns
Fan the flame
The arsonist
Of my heart
You set me on fire
It says
Your name
Lights the sky
With the smoke
Of fire that you
Set and ignited in me
The fire burns
With warmth in my center
I burn for you
In the center of body
Starting at my heart
Overpowering my will
Consuming my body
Blazing my breasts
Hot wetness
Burns for you
As I melt
Under the spell
Of your eyes
Lick the flames
Of lust
Between my legs
Taste the heat
Of my juice
The fire
Set by you
The arsonist
Of my heart
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long ~ All Rights Reserved
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Note 🔥🔥🔥 My blue eyed “muse” sets me on fire. I love that😉💋😈💥🔥

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  1. For some reason Salt `N` Pepa and Prince always remind me of sex and every time I am running and one of their songs come on on my Ipod I start to grin… people must think I am a bit mental when they see me…

  2. Me too😁👍 Kiss and What A Man do it to every time … “Body like Arnold with a Denzel face”👍😁

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