Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Hearts

Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Hearts
By: Linda A. Long

I closed my eyes
And placed
My hand
Against your chest
If just for a moment
To feel the rhythm
Of your heart
Vibrate through me
Nourishing me
There’s a subtle echo
In the wind
Chanting your name
In the soft
Ocean rolls
Outside my window
Slowing the speed of my thoughts
Down long enough
For me hear
The call of intuition
Beseeching me
To open my senses
And let you in
Softly floating into
My meditative state
As I breathe in
Breathe out
I focus on regulating
My breathe
I feel your energy
Rise higher
Into my subconscious
I’m here
I say to you
I’m here
Close your eyes
You will feel me
I’m here
My hand
Rests in yours
Warm soft reassuring
I give you strength
My trust lies at your feet
I believe in you
In the deep
Rolling waves
Of my mind
To rise up to greet you
On this beautiful night
Extending out my hand
I say to you
Meet me,
At my heart
There’s a soft place
For you to land
Close your eyes
And meet me,
At my heart
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
Life is best when lived passionately
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Note: I had a good run of sex poems going. But, tonight I was inspired to write a love poem. I’ve been meditating quite a bit lately. My last two meditations have been very focused on Heart Chakra opening exercises to allow love to flow freely and easily. While meditating, I could see myself standing with one hand on my chest and one hand on MBE’s chest saying, “Meet me, at my heart.”

When I meditate, I usually repeat this Metta Prayer. I find it very soothing. I wanted to share it with anyone who needs to find some peace tonight!


Photo Credit Ernesto Garcia Peña, 1949 | Abstract Figurative

Music:This video is awesome. “Gimme Shelter” from the Playing for Change Youtube series.

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