Love, Sex & Poetry ~ Persuasion

Persuasion – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

I was wet
Lust saturated my mind
And coveted
My every thought
Holding it tightly
Like you were
My arms to the bed
As you had
Your delight
My arms were above
My head
Pinned to the bed
By your masculine hands
You exert your dominance
Over my submissive body
Open to your erotic suggestions
Willing to explore
The depths of desire
With you
My lover
I surrender
My ample breasts
To the warmth
Of your silky lips
Slip down the curve of
Voluptuous hips
Into the waiting waters
Of our sensual chemistry
Anchor yourself
Between my soft thighs
With the assertiveness
Of your passionate energy
I release
The power of my sensuality
Under the firm
Of you
Inside of me
Your persistent persuasion
Raises my hips
With your orgasmic thrusts
My body responds
To the persuasion
Of your thoughts
As I lay leisurely
In bed
I think of you
This morning
I vision you at work
And I acquiesce
To the persuasion of your
That make me wet
And beg for
The touch of my hand
Between my legs
I surrender under
The power of your
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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I had a lazy Wednesday morning in bed sipping coffee and doing other things😈💋 MBE was on my mind ☺️😘😈💋❤️

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