It’s Like Sex

Ahhhhh, it was such a release I’m blushing with endorphins. My smile is from ear to ear and my body definitely feels like it let something go. Like I got something out. I feel wonderful. It’s like after sex💋😈❤️👍

The Drum Circle. It’s primal. It primitive. The infectious beat brings out the crazy in me👍😄 I lose control and just pound the crap out of the drum. Ahh, it’s wonderful. Tonight’s Drum Circle was intoxicating. I am in love with drumming. My Djembe Drum is worth every penny I spent on it👍😉

Here’s a photo of the Circle which is held monthly at a local Art Museum on a lake.


I started taking Boxing lessons this week too. That is also a release that Is like sex. I feel totally spent after my lessons. Totally deliciously spent and sometimes needing a nap👍. Here’s a photo of my Boxing Gloves. I was disappointed they only came in Girlie Pink. As my Trainer was looking at my cleavage, he reminded me that I am most definitely all girl – so what’s wrong with Pink Gloves. Lol ❤️👍


My tastes and hobbies are certainly changing. This once peaceful Yogi who used to search for candlelight Yoga classes now needs more power in her experience. I guess I like more action oriented activities now instead slow relaxing yoga. Maybe I just like banging the crap out of something…. 👍😄 I know I’ll enjoy banging the crap out of someone😈💋❤️👍 Given the change in my energy, Qi, I would advise MBE to do some cardio and eat some Wheaties👍 “Linda Luv Me Long Time” is heading his way and sees plenty of banging in our future😈😄❤️👍😉. Yeee hah😄👍✌️💋😈

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