The Red Thread – Love, Sex & Poetry


The Red Thread – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

This morning
I woke up
Next to you
And smelled the scent
Of your skin
As you laid sleeping
In my mind’s eye
I crawled up next
To you
Just to feel
The warmth of your body
Next to mine
I needed comfort
You were
On my mind
Almost as if
You were calling to me
Offering your shoulder
For me to rest
My head
I sensed you
Wanting me
I needed you
The power of
That sentence
Leaves me breathless
I needed you
I’m not sure
I’ve ever felt that before
A need
While I take some time
To wrap my head around
This new feeling
For me
I reflect on our paths
As they Crossed
And continue to entwine
As the red thread
Pulls us to our destiny
Sews us together
As a tapestry
And blends our energies
Into something good
I am not afraid to
Need or want you
In my life
I am open
For you to see
It’s a risk
I’m willing to take
The goodness
In our connection
Ever deepening
With the passage of time
Gives me
A safe place
To land my
Desires, hopes, wishes
And fears
I lay them
On your chest
And tie them
Around your heart
With a red thread
I tie my heart
To yours with
A red thread
I am tied to you
By The Red Thread
Of Destiny
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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Note: This poem was inspired by the Chinese Legend called “The Red Thread of Destiny”.

I normally use artwork with my poetry but I felt this one needed the quote about the red thread with it❤️✌️

I’ve been feeling lately like perhaps a red thread has connected me to another for some time but we are only just now seeing it.

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