Cleavage Selfie


I can’t get my creative mojo going this week👎 I am totally getting in my own way. I’ve been a little “off” all week. I’m not sure why I just feel a bit disconnected.

Could it be the energy of tomorrow’s new moon making me a little crazy? 🌚Is it that damn Planet Mercury spinning backwards until Saturday that is blocking my flow of words. Hmm? 👎 My “Muse” is out of town. Did he take my erotic spark with him? Am I missing my “Secret Flirtation” and his beautiful blue eyes? 😉💋

Without creativity I am resorting to my cleavage for blog content tonight.


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5 Responses to Cleavage Selfie

  1. basdenleco says:

    Is your Muse short sighted blossom.

  2. basdenleco says:

    And thank you for sharing

  3. Why? Because I zoomed in?

  4. basdenleco says:

    No not because you zoomed in though the innate artistry of your nestling pendant is tastefully classic glamour photography.

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