A Promise To Keep – Poem For My Sister Sandy

I am reposting this today to wish my sister, Sandy, a Happy Birthday. I believe spirits never leave us. I know she is with me and is the wind beneath my wings. She’s given me the strength I’ve needed the last two years. Everything I am is because she loved me and was a loving, caring, nurturing big sister. Some days I choose to not think of her because the pain of her loss still hurts me so much. I almost drowned in my own grief the year after she died. I almost died myself from a broken heart. If I let myself dwell too much on the loss, I could easily slip back into sorrow.

But, I am choosing to keep the promise I made to her just before she died. I promised her I would live my best life and I would live by her example with my eyes to sky and a open loving heart.

Today, with all the love in my heart, I wish my sister, Sandy, a very happy birthday.
Your Lunar ‘lil Linda
PS: Sandy called me Lunar ‘lil Linda because she said I was sensitive to people and the Moon cycles. She knew I was a “highly sensitive person” even as a child.

Love, Sex And Poetry

 A Promise To Keep
By: Linda A. Long

As you laid
I held your hand
And made
A promise
A promise
To live
A life you
Would be proud of
To live
Life through
Your eyes
To experience
The things
You would miss
I promised
To carry
Your spirit
With me
In my soul
Wrapped around
My heart
As you laid
I held your hand
And made you
A promise
A promise
To believe
In myself
To find the best
Within myself
To hold my
Head high
In defeat
As well as in
I held your hand
And promised
I would take care
Of our Mother
I promised
I would
Never forget you
As if I could
You were
A sister
A mother
A friend
As you laid
I held your hand
And promised you
I would always strive
For my…

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    Happy Birthday in Heaven, Sandy! Wonderful poem.

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