Passionate Secret – Love, Sex & Poetry

Nello_Iovine_-_Tutt'Art@_(23)Passionate Secret – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

I have a secret
And it’s you
It’s in the way
I look at you
It’s in the way
I think about you
It’s in the way
I fantasize about you
You are my secret
No one knows
I want you
To kiss me
Kiss me
And make me yours
No one knows
I want you
To slide
Your hands
Up my thigh
And touch
My desire for you
Moist by the sound
Of your voice
No one knows
I want you
To be my lover
You arouse me
I want you
To live out your
Fantasies between my legs
I want you
I want to share
My multiple orgasms
With you
Under you
On top of you
I am a passionate woman
Under my ample breasts
Beat a wild heart
There’s a smoldering fire
Waiting for you
To fan its flame
Fan the flame of
Fire within me
Moaning your name
Will I sweetly
Wrapped my lips
Around you
Taking you
In my mouth
Opening myself
To you
Giving my body
Over to your control
You are my
Passionate secret
A secret I keep
To myself
Of you
And me
A secret
© 2013 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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Nello Iovine 1935
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In my poems and essays I explorer all facets of love including romantic love, love of self, love of life, love of family and love of writing. My posts also explore sensuality and sexuality. Some of my writings are considered Erotica and written out of love. I like to pair all of my poetry on my site with Artwork. Life is best when lived passionately.
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