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I wrote the below post about four years ago.  For some reason this past weekend I was thinking about how saying “YES” changed my life in recent years.  Instead of saying “no” out of fear of change, I said “YES” and it’s made all the difference. 

The original post was written in the Fall of 2009 before my life got turned upside down. I know now that I would still say “YES” to everything that happened in the past. If I could do everything since 2009 over again, I wouldn’t change a thing. I have no regrets and I feel like I am finally living an authentic life. Even knowing how different my life would be and how different my relationships would be, I would still say “YES” and be the person I am today rather than remaing the person I was four years ago. I feel like this has been getting me ready for the next part of my life. When one part of your life ends another begins. That’s the beauty of life.

Today I feel like I need to be ready to say YES to something. But, I am not really clear on what it is I need to say “YES” to. That hasn’t been revealed to me just yet. But, my intuition is telling me something is coming:-) Something really good for me is coming my way and I need to be ready to say “YES”. I am a planner so I want to make sure I am prepared for when it finally comes. Therefore, I am mentally preparing myself to say “YES” so when the opportunity presents itself I don’t hesitate out of fear.

Are you ready to say “YES” with me? 


About six months ago, a friend/mentor gave me an assignment. It was to just say YES. Say yes to my life! Say yes to change. Where ever life and this new path laid in front of me are going, just say yes. As soon as he said it I felt my chest tighten. Immediately I was looking for the exit. An anxiety attack immediate took over my body and I started to panic. What do you mean yes? What if someone asks me out on a date and I don’t want to go? What if they ask me to join them jumping off the ….Empire.. ..State.. ..Building…. am I supposed to say yes? What if they ask if I want fries with my burger? You know I am trying to lose weight. How can I possibly say yes to everything? After he stopped laughing and ordered me a glass of Cabernet to calm me down, he explained what he meant by “just say yes”.

When presented with a choice between something new which represents change and staying the same, most people will say no and stay the same. Most individuals are creatures of habit. They say no to any change that comes into their life because it means learning something new, being someone new and living a new way. They never really open themselves up to all of the possibilities that lay before them. However, it is even worst to say maybe than it is to say no. Maybe is gray. You are kind of stuck in the middle of nowhere. But, saying yes to life opens you up and a new reality starts to unfold and life changes. Saying yes is positive and attracts like positive energy.

Well, I went home and gave that some thought. Timidly I started saying yes. I started looking in different directions for my life. I started accepting invitations that normally I would have made an excuse to get out of. I started listening to the thoughts, ideas and suggestions of others. As I built up some steam, I started listening to what was within me first before anything else. I realized I started saying yes to myself. I started saying yes to all the changes God has brought into my life. I started saying yes to the trials and difficulties that are often associated with great change because they foster growth. I started saying yes to the love I found within myself. I started saying yes to the love I have for others. I started saying YES to life. I started wildly passionately saying yes to all the possibilities that lay before me. I started saying yes I want this new life. And, guess what? All good things started flowing my way. It was up to me to keep saying yes while surrendering to my life as it is now.

Creating great change in your life is almost like being an alcoholic. Just as an alcoholic takes their sobriety one day at time, great personal growth and change also occurs gradually and one day at time. It needs to develop and be nurtured. It’s a lifetime commitment. Sometimes it’s hard to stay that focused everyday. Sometimes it’s hard to say yes when all you really feel is no. But, often just pushing yourself a little will be all it will take to reveal the benefit of the action. It’s like working out. Come on! No one really wants to go to the gym, get all sweaty, walk out a little sore and tire and then do it all over the next day. However, once you get over the first fifteen minutes, you get into the zone and it gets easier. Then when you see all the changes in your body, you scream YES! Approaching change in your life is the same way. If you go timidly in a new direction, in short period of time you will gain some strength and then want to go all they way in.

So I offer this today. Say yes to something today that you normally would have said no to. Give it shot. Get off the bench. Find out for yourself how freeing it is to say yes instead of making excuses for saying no.

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