Possess Me – Love, Sex & Poetry (Repost)

Possess Me
By: Linda A. Long

For you to see
The desire
For you
That rests
Gently on
My alabaster mounds
And cascade down
To the center
Of desire
That breathes
Your name
In highest desire
Begging for
Your attention
Waiting for
Your touch
Tighten up
Your grasp
Around my wrists
And hold
Me down tight
Don’t let go
As you
Make me yours
You command
My body
Into submission
I long
For the
Lick of your
Against my
Waiting skin
I wait to shiver
Under your hands
To your touch
The touch of
My soul
At peace
My body
In rapture
The command
Of your willing hands
You lead me
I follow
To the deepest
Depths of my desire
And I come
And sing for you
At daybreak
Tighten your grasp
Keep me close
To be
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Photo Credit:
Jeremy Mann
“Una Bella Adagio” – Oil on Panel – 53 x 50 inches – The John Pence Gallery

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