Thinking Of Me – Love, Sex & Poetry

Are You Thinking Of Me – Love, Sex & Poetry
By Linda A. Long

Are you thinking of me
Fantasizing about
The way your
Hands will feel
Wrapped around my
Soft warm full breasts
Imagining how my lips
Will taste when
You kiss me
Are you thinking of me
Fantasizing about
Sliding your hands
Up my thighs
Separating my legs
And feeling
How much I want you
Moist and ready for you
Are you thinking about me
About your lips
Tracing my curves
Sucking my grooves
Hearing me
Moan your name
With every lick
Of your tongue
I want you
Are you thinking of me
Do you want to slide
Your body between
My legs and press
Deep into me
Release the tension
That has been building
Between us
Climaxing as you
Look into my eyes
And say my name
With every thrust
I want you more
Are you thinking of me
The way I am thinking of you
(C) 2013 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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