Under The Skirt – Love, Sex & Poetry

Under The Skirt – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

The skirt
Resting just
Above my knee
Just showing
To catch
Your eye
An invitation
To look
At my legs
Linger for a while
An offering
From between my legs
To your
My legs
Spread apart
For your
Mind to
As you
Follow me
Thinking of
The ways
You would
Touch me
Under the skirt
Would you press me
Against the
Wall and touch me with
Your fingers
Would you taste me
With your tongue
As I sat
On the edge
Of your desk
Would you
Lay me
Down on the
Table in your office
Sliding into me
The call
From between
My legs
To your primal desire
Finally pushing
The skirt
So you can
Accept its
And lock yourself
Between my thighs
Join me
For a moment
In this fantasy
I write for you
As an offering
I wore this skirt
For you today
As an invitation
To fantasize
About me
And the ways
You will
One day
Touch me
Under the skirt
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Photo Credit:
Escha Van Den Bogerd – 1972 Holland
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