Living The Life I Am Capable Of Living

I started Module 15 in my Integrative Nutrition class. This module is all about starting the business, setting up Six Month Coaching packages and how to build the business. OMG! The anxiety attack I had while doing this module was intense! My Accountability Partner and I were cracking up at each other’s panic attacks 😂😂

The actual coaching does not freak me out. I’m a relator and a giver✌️ I’m a natural coach ✌️🦋☺️It’s all of the business stuff that is complicated. The Business plan, a lawyer, liability insurance, creating pricing packages with incentives, identifing the services I will offer. I want to offer a free initial consultation, traditional 50 minute sessions. A fee for a one off session. A fee for a mini package and a 6 month(12 session package). I want to also offer Pantry makeovers, Food Store Tours(how to shop & make better choices). Here’s a tip – stay out of the center isles! It’s all garbage! Since my target market is folks 50 and over, I will also offer the senior rates and do plenty of pro-bono work for folks on a fixed income. 

The need to get my business set up soon got even more intense this afternoon when I had a practice session with a friend who at the end wanted to hire me and buy a package. I wasn’t ready. Luckily she isn’t in a rush, understood I wasn’t set up yet and is willing to wait for me. In the meantime, I’m offering free text/email questions and consulting to more or less keep her interested😂It’s a good problem but a bit of pressure too. As a student, it’s suggested I charge $95/month for a six month package. That doubles after I graduated. I will also offer incentive discounts for signing the same day, paying in full or using a PayPal. I love PayPal 😂👍

Here’s where I need to check the balance of my Primary Food. I already have a full time job 😂This business will be side business that I do for my personal fulfillment but it’s still work. I’m going to have to figure out how to balance that. I think once it’s set up, it will be easier. I may need to take a week of vacation from work to get everything established. I also need to buy a MacBook or an iPad Pro with a keyboard. But I just bought a new car and don’t want to spend the cash until next year 😂

This is all exciting and fun😊But it’s also a little scary. Anytime we try something new and put ourselves out there it’s stressful. What’s the alternative? There isn’t one for me. I refuse to live a life that is less than the one I am capable of living. That rings true in every aspect of my life. I’m an ALL-IN kind of girl. In work or in Love, I like to be all in 😂💙🦋🙏

I am very thankful for my Accountability Partner. She’s a great coach. We are planning to go on a yoga retreat together this winter 🙏🦋If you are looking for a coach who specializes in Woman’s health and is available in the NYC area or by phone/Skype, check out her website 

What’s exciting you today? Are you living the life you are capable of living? Are you All In? 

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Life Is Best When Lived Passionately

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My Love Is You ~ Love, Sex & Poetry

My Love Is You ~ Love, Sex And Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Love is
All I have
To offer you
Warmly reflected
In my eyes to yours
Gently swings
On my hips
As I pass you
Passing in air
As my energy
Brushes against you

Love is
All I have
To offer you
Hanging on
The pout
Of my lower lip
Glistening with
The anticipation
Of your kiss
Jiggling my cleavage
As I walk towards you
Inviting you
To hold my breasts
In your hands
And feel my warmth

Love is
All I have
To offer you
Written privately
For only
Your eyes to see
I miss you
Love is
Alive in my smile
As I look at you
Standing before me
Love is
When I feel
That you are
Near me
Come closer
Close enough
For me to
Whisper softly
Into your ear
I am happy
You are home
My love
Is you
Love is
All I have
To offer you
My love is
(C) 2017 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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Life Is Best When Lived Passionately

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Putting Life In Balance 

This is a brain dump post.

I’m 14 weeks into my Holistic Health Coach Course. The most positive impact the course has had on my life is that it’s forced me to look at the areas of my life that are considered Primary Food. Primary Food are the areas of life that nourish you off the plate such as: Job and Career Satisfaction, Exercise and Physical Activity, Spirituality(not religion but a connection to your higher self, Relationship, Sensual satisfaction (can be accomplished with or without a partner).

The beauty of this is that because I am more conscious and aware now I can feel when I am out of balance or alignment. When I feel that uncomfortableness creeping up or if I feel my muscles tightening up, I know to step back and do a Primary Food Scan. I look to through those areas for what is out of alignment and try to adjust.

This past week I could feel my delicate balance between work, home, family, friends and responsibilities wear on my emotions. I was feeling anxiety. I was tensing up and becoming a bit overwhelmed. Here are the issues:

My BFF has been living with Stage IV Metastatic Peritoneal Cancer. She has been holding her own the last year. She called me the other day to tell me that not only did it spread further it also reoccurred. It took me some time to adjust to our new reality. She is determined to live life to fullest to the end. Even though she’s not feeling great we committed to spending more time together face to face when she’s up to it. Her partner is a private guy. He’s been a good caretaker for her but really doesn’t want anyone hanging around the house too much. That may change but for now I respect that and his wishes. 😥

My Mother is having an issue with her home owners insurance wanting to drop her because of exterior maintenance. This is a complicated issue and it would all be solved if she would move to an apartment near my sister but she will not. She confessed to me her memories of my sister, my father and the happiest times of her life are in that house. She told me she won’t leave and she will die there one way or another. That statement is sitting on my chest and causing me constant worry. I’ve called in every favor I have and swallowed my pride asking people for advice or help for her. Her State Representative is working with my sisters to see if they can find a solution. But, let me say my heart is full with compassion and empathy for my Mom. It’s been hard to turn off the voices of her suffering. I feel it all day long. 😥

There’s been some work drama. I realized yesterday none of it directly affects me or involves me so I need to keep a distance in some ways. A bitter coworker vented to me. The Norma Rae in me felt her battle cry 😂😊The truth is Management did not take her concerns seriously and as result they are losing her. From my lens, I see her point because I experienced many of the issues with the same manager. I have a lot to say on this topic – if anyone cares to listen 😂😂😂

Physically, I’m feeling ok. Just a little tired this weekend so I am taking things easy. Emotionally, I miss my blue eyed muse. I try not to think about what his next move is. People tell me all day long he’s not coming back. That causes me anxiety as I don’t know what means for us and our connection. That also challenges my attachment issues and fear of loss. I try to just love unconditionally and have faith everything is working out for the highest good of all concerned. I try to focus on my love for him instead of my fear of losing him. I just wish people would stop speculating; that is tweaking the anxiety in me. Love is tricky 😂💙🦋

Back to school, some things became clear recently. I will not walk away from a pension to be full time health coach. That would be financial suicide. With the current level of support that my Mom needs I can’t do that. So, coaching will be my side business. It will be work I do to feed my passion. I Originally thought I wanted to focus on folks with Autoimmune Diseases but now I see Seniors are an underserved population. Since I do have a full time paycheck, I could offer seniors coaching at reduced rates and sliding scales for issues like Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and healthy grocery shopping. I talked to my accountability partner about this today. She is a fellow student who happens to be a Psychology Professor who specializes in aging 👍She helping me come up with plan. I will start doing some research. I need to find a name for my business and create a website too 👍

Lastly, I am loving my new comfortable Ford Escape. The blue is really pretty and I feel super comfy and supported while I drive. I also love that Siriusly Sinatra is back in my life on Sirius FM. I love that style of music.

Is your Primary Food in balance?

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Life Is Best When Lived Passionately

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My new Blue 2017 Ford Escape 

Yep, it happened 😊 I traded my car in yesterday and Leased a 2017 Ford Escape SE. Here’s why and how I ended up with a blue car when I went in asking for a white or black Ford Escape 😂💙🦋

Well, it started a few months ago when I started having a lot of joint, muscle, back, neck and shoulder pain. I also started getting Ocular Migraines. My doc suggested I keep track of what I am doing when the migraines start. He also ask about my posture and neck tension. Both can contribute to migraines.

I noticed a couple of months ago most of my migraines are triggered when I am driving. My 2015 Honda Fit sat low. Glare from the front hit my eyes directly and glare from the back hit my rear view mirror when I drove at night. Because the seat sat low it had no lumbar support and I twisted my back when getting in and out. Lastly, the door swung out pretty wide, it was heavy and hurt my shoulder when I pulled it in. I LOVED the Honda Fit❤️It was sporty, handled nice and I could park it anywhere. BUT, it is a big but, it was no longer appropriate for my changing body. I need more support and better posture support when I am in the car.

I test drove Honda HR-V. I liked it but Honda offered no rebates. I was trying to trade in a 2.5 year old car. I needed rebates to offset the upside down payment. I also figured out the best way to eliminate an out of equity situation in a car loan is to lease. I am Goldie Locks with cars. It is best I don’t make any long term commitments right now. I knew for sure Ford was offering $2K  in rebates until October and had good lease options if you have good credit. Additionally, a good friend works at the local Ford Dealership. I did my credit application online and I called to make an appointment for a test drive. My friend helped me from there with introductions.

Here’s how I ended up with Blue Love in a car😂😂I went in wanting Black or maybe White. All of the Black and White Escapes were top of the line with leather. They were out of my self imposed price range. The salesman then said, “Hey, how do feel about Blue?” I laughed and said “I love Blue!” Then he told me they were pulling one Escape off the truck and it was Blue. I waited for them to bring it over. The damn car has power Lumbar support👍It had me when I felt how supported my body felt when I drove it and the Blue is just beautiful💙😊It was perfectly in my self impose price range too 👍

Here’s where it got sticky…The deal…It took a while to work it out. Having a friend who worked there helped. I also was not attached and I was willing to walk away. So, I ended up with $4,500 in rebates and discounts. I did a lease for 15,000 miles for 36 months. This will force me not to drive too much 👍My Lease will be finished a over a full year before the Honda Fit would have been paid off👍✌️My payment is only $20 more per month. However, I had put a some money down. Although some of that will be refunded once the trade in is finalized and my Gap Insurance is refunded, it was more than I planned to put out in cash. Sooo, I will be downsizing my spending for while😂 I will not be buying a MacBook, at least not until next year maybe ☺️🦋It’s all good. Being more comfortable and supported in my car will be better for my long term health than a MacBook🦋🙏

I drove the car today and was extremely comfortable and felt my back saying, “ahhh”. 😊It also came with Sync. My text messages display on my screen or can be delivered as audio. The Escape came with Sirius Radio for six months. I immediately found my two favorite stations, Siriusly Sinatra and Classic Vinyl ✌️The best thing was I got my Angel Numbers, 723 and 1111 while closing the deal. I saw that as confirmation that I was supported by Spirit in the transaction 🙏🦋The car ending up being Blue and fitting my Blue Love theme is also kind of spiritual and meaningful too 💙🦋✌️😊

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Life Is Best When Lived Passionately

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The Light Of Love ~ Love, Sex And Poetry 

The Light Of Love ~ Love, Sex And Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

I will
Show you
The way
If you let me
I will
Show you
The way to love
I will shine
My light
Into your soul
And call
To the passionate
Masculine energy
That calls
My name
When you
Look at me
I will
Help you release
The restless passion
In your soul
Your restless
Passion hangs
In my cleavage
I will call
Your passion to your
And ask for
It to rise
And meet me
I will feed
Your passion
If you let me
Let me

I will
Show you
The way
If you
Let me
I will
Set your heart
Ablaze with
The fire
Of sexual desire
I will
Lick the tip
Of your masculinity
And bring you
To attention
I will
Set you
On fire
If you
Let me
Let me

I will
Show you
The way
If you
Let me
I will
Be the light
In your heart
Your heart light
Warming you
With love
From the inside
Inspire you
To stand tall
In love
Stand tall
In my love
I will
Reassure you
That the path
To love
Is always
For our highest good
I will show you
Is the highest possible
Love is
Is a powerful
Point of attraction
Is greatest
Tool of creation
Vibrate love
With me
Vibrate love

I will
Show you
Pure love
Is the path
To profound
Any detour
Your path
Any roadblock
You face
You encounter
On the path
To your highest good
Serves a purpose
In your growth
I will reassure you
Love is the key

I will
My love
Into your heart
I will
Take your hand
And show you
The way to
I will walk
The path
Towards the
Highest good
With my hand
In yours
If you
Let me
If you
Let me
I will
Show you
If you
Let me
Let me
(C) 2017 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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Life Is Best When Lived Passionately

I had a wonderful day. I was happy and vibrating with love💙🦋My Blue Eyed muse was in my atompshere and inspired me with love 🙏💙🦋 I had a great first meeting with my new boss. I said farewell to my former boss as he leaves for a bigger opporttunity. He said he wanted to take me with him but didn’t think they would let him😂😂I laughed and said I would go and was up for a change of scene😂We both laughed it off but I think we were both a little serious😂😂

I starting to feel really good physically; I was told I was looking great today😂👍I walked four miles tonight. It was just beautiful. Heading to Philly for the day tomorrow for family time & I have a coaching call on Sunday with a potential client👍🙌All good things are happening in my life. I have been focusing on keeping my vibration high 👍I am vibrating LOVE💙🦋It’s powerful🙌✌️

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Shakti Rises ~ Love, Sex And Poetry

Shakti Rises ~ Love, Sex And Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

It’s rising
Pushing away
All that
No longer serves
The evolution
Of her soul
Pulling into
Her awareness
The new paradigm
Of a spirit
That has been awakened
To her true power
By love
And self acceptance
She opens
Her heart
For the first time
To her true
Authentic power
She rises
And for
The first time
Honors the
Divine feminine
Energy within her soul
Shakti rises
She is
For the first time
To herself
Shakti rises
The divinely feminine
Woman within her
Radiating true
Love and compassion
From the center
Of her womanhood
Stirring her sensuality
With the heat
Of spiritual creation
She calls
To her warrior
Her blue eyed warrior
The keeper of her heart
The Masculine balance
To her feminine
She calls
She calls to him
Awaken lover
Rise spiritually
Side by side with her
Stand tall
In her atmosphere
Of love & creation
Soak in her essence
And Breath in
Her Loving femininity
Skakti rises
In love
And holding a space
For his heart
In the
Warmth of her thighs
The heat of co-creation
Between them rises
She whispers
To her lover
In coded messages
For only
Him to see
She calls to him
Rise in love
You are
And desired
Rise in
Her atmosphere
Your worries
Into the energy
Of the
Divine Feminine
And be loved
Loved by
The Divine Feminine
Shakti rises
(C) 2017 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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Life Is Best When Lived Passionately

Shakti energy is definitely rises in me 🙏It is transformational 🙌 I’ve taken some great steps for my healing and holistic well being lately. I’ve asserted boundaries. I held myself accountable for my actions. The highlight of my week is that I’ve reclaimed my daily yoga practice. After being injured and not feeling well for so long, this is a huge step in my recovery, not only physically but also psychologically. When I am done writing this, I am doing a 60 minute Slow Yoga practice; I walked four miles this morning. Yoga will help balance that out 😊🙏 Mostly, this week I’ve chosen love over fear. Every day I pray to God and my Guides to help choose love over fear. I pray to act with love over fear. It’s made a huge difference in my vibration 🙏🙌✌️

One note about my blog: I’ve started having Skype Coaching sessions with folks now so I really need to get my Holistic Health Coaching website up. I can’t work full time, go to school, coach and maintain three sites. I will be transitioning the Awakened Healer Blog content to my Holistic Health Coaching Site Blog once it’s up. I wont be posting much on there until I get it moved.

I will still be writing the Love, Sex And Poetry Blog and using this site for poetry and personal writings. Love, Sex And Poetry is my passion. I write it because I love writing it. I hope you continue to enjoy reading it 💙🦋✌️🙌

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I Am ~ Love, Sex And Poetry 

I Am ~ Love, Sex And Poetry
Love, Sex And Poetry

I am
I am the love
That surrounds
Your heart
In white protective light
Warming you with
The rays
Of the sun’s love
Beaming with
Joy and compassion
I am
I am the courage
Speaking bravery
Into your
Beautiful soul
Showing the
True warrior
That lives within you
Calling to your
Most high self
To affirm
Your heart’s intention
And honor
Your soul’s calling
I am
I am the path
Of highest good
Laid before you
Showing you
The best
That you can be
Asking you
To trust
The love
That is given
And honor
The craving
Of your soul
Instead of your ego
I am
I am eternal love
My love
Remains true
And steady
It hasn’t wavered
In absence
But grown
In the fire
And heat
Of our
Joined minds
And power
Of conscious creation
I am
I am made from love
My eyes glisten
Into yours
My lips
Breathe passion
Into your heart
My breasts rise
In arousal
As your energy
Approaches mine
My hips relax
And open
Waiting for you
To press
Between them
And finally
Find peace
I am
Unconditional love
I am the
Unconditional love
That loves you
Without expectations
Or attachments
I am the
Unconditional love
That wants
The best and highest good
For both of us
I am the
Unconditional love
That respects your free will
To choose your life
But holds a space
For you
A Loving nurturing space
For you
In my heart
I am your
Unconditional love
You are
Loved Unconditionally
(C) 2017 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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Life Is Best When Lived Passionately


One of the underpining of my Integrative Nutrition coursework is that holistic nutrition in one’s life comes from having balance and fulfilment in the Primary areas of life such as career, exercise, spirituality and relationships. I realized earlier this week that I was devoting so much time to my full time job & school work (tasks) that I was starting to feel unbalanced in my life. I knew it was time for me to pull back a bit and rebalance myself.

I slept 12 hours last night 😴 I was exhausted on many levels. I am an early riser so I was shocked when I woke up at 9am. I found out by 9:30am that my afternoon commitment was reschedule for tomorrow. This presented me with an opportunity to completely focus on nurturing myself all day and do things that nourish my mind, body and soul.

I walked down to the local breakfast hangout where everyone knows my name 😂I sat at the counter and enjoyed my breakfast while chatting with some locals and the servers who have become friends. I walked five miles on the boardwalk and enjoyed the beautiful sunshine. I bought all of my organic vegetables which I will cook tomorrow. I came home read my new book for two hours. I did a slow yoga practice focusing on my breath. I prayed, chanted mantras and meditated in silience. As I stood up from meditation the above poem was pushing against my heart and Blue Love came to mind. I curled up under the blanket and wrote the poem. I will finish my rebalance day with some more reading, Game Of Thrones from last Sunday and maybe a movie. Hopefully, I will sleep another 12 hours tonight 😂Tomorrow will be a busy day. I have school work and couple of school related phone calls plus cooking and laundry to tackle. But today – today is about doing things I enjoy and rebalancing my life…

What a beautiful day it has been 🙌🙏🦋It would have been absolutely spectacular if BlueLove was here in bed with me today 😉💙🦋💋

I am very grateful for this beautiful time of my life 🦋

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You Are Still My Fire ~ Love, Sex And Poetry

I Originally posted this poem in December of 2015. I am reposting it today because it keeps popping into my mind and appearing in my blog stats. Every time I see it I am reminded Blue Love set this fire inside of me with the flash of his beautiful blue eyes and the energy of sex that hangs in the air when we are near each other. I’ve noticed a new level of comfort between us. I also feel our fire is burning even hotter now than it did years before. In the beginning it was just an intense sexual attraction. But now, well now, it is so much more. We are so much more to each other. Sexual desire lit the match but the flame continues to be fanned by our soul connection 🙌💋💥That and, well, he’s cute and makes me horny 😈🔥💋🦋💙

You Are My Fire ~ Love, Sex and Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Within my soul
A fire burning
Like a candle
In the window
This love
This heat
Fire breathing
Your name
In a heart shaped inferno
Without end
I am trapped
In the middle
Of its flames
Of desire
No escape from
Its reach
It surrounds me
My desire for you
Takes my breathe away
And makes me wet
As I stare into
Those eyes
I love so much
They pull me further into
Your grasp
My feverish desires
Pushing against the edge
Of my lips
Attempting to break free
It’s the heat
Of your hands
Touching my body
Its in your eyes
Sparking blue
Looking into mine
It’s in the weight
Of your body
Pressing against me
It’s in my legs
Wrapped around you
Heat rises
You are the fire
In my soul
Too hot to ignore
Fire Burns
I fan the flames
To keep us burning
I stoke your fire
To set us a blaze
In this inferno
You are the match
That lights my body
And soul on fire
You are my fire
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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Life Is Best When Lived Passionately


I am pretty sure people can tell by my poetry I’m a hopeless romantic❤️ This song absolutely melts me into lust. No other way to say it. Melt with me🔥🔥🔥💋❤️😈💥😇

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Raise Your Vibration ~ Love, Sex And Poetry

Raise Your Vibration ~ Love, Sex And Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

The vibration
Of your energy
Beats like a drum
Between my legs
Wetting me
With the spark
Of our eyes meeting
In secret
For just
A split second
Without anyone around
Just me and you
In the privacy
Of our sacred connection
You stir
The juices
In my body
I invite
You inside
To feel
My love
For you
Slip deeply
Into the warmth
Of my eyes
And come inside

The vibration
Of your energy
Plays on the sensitivity
Of my nipples
Teasing them
As I look
Affectionately into
The blue crystal spheres
That have
Become my sensual food
The scared sexual energies
Within my
Goddess body
Readying me
For you
To enter
The haven
Of sex
Offered to you
As refuge
I vibrate
Sex and love
For you

The vibration
Of my sex
Calls to you
In earnest
I am aroused
I am an aroused woman
In your presence
Standing in my
Erotic truth
I own
My primal desire
For you
I own
The essence of
My body’s
Arousal when
You are near
I lay my
Female energies
In your
Hands with
My love
I kiss
Your lips
With lust
Lust for you
Only you

The vibration
Of sex and love
Hangs off my hips
Leaving its essence
In my mind
As restless energies
Pull you to me
In the glance
Of my eye
You know
You are invited
Invited to
To lead me
Into a private space
And touch me
Feel the
Of sex and love
Against your skin
Taste my desire
In your mouth
Hear the moans
Of arousal and love
As your vibration
Joins mine
And we raise
Into the
Higher energies
Of scared love
And tantric sex
Raise your vibration
In the
Glow of
Sacred sex and
Divine love
Vibrate higher
With me
Vibrate with me
Vibrate in me
Raise your vibration
(C) 2017 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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Life Is Best When Lived Passionately


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Act Of Love ~ Love, Sex And Poetry

Act Of Love ~ Love, Sex And Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Standing in
Naked vulnerability
Before you
You see me
The real me
You see
The woman
I hide from others
You see
The woman
Who loves you
You see
The woman
Who touches
Your heart
The deepest
The woman
Who you share
Words and feelings
In a glance of an eye
But you also see
Our love & affection
For each other
Needs to be
Protected and
Shielded from the
View of those
Around us
In naked vulnerability
I stand before you
And allow you
To see and know
The depths
Of love
I hold
For you
It breaks open
My heart
In exposed
To our joint
Spiritual energy
That is
Always below
The surface
But I ensure
It's viewable
To you
So you know
The truth
I tell you
How I feel
So you
Always know that
What I hide
From others
Will not be
Hidden from you
I will always
Show you
I will always
Stand in love
And honesty
Before you
So you trust
My words
And believe
In me
You must know
I only pretend
To not care
To protect us
Protect you
Protect myself
From the
Negative judgmental
Energies that
Surrounds us
I will never
Allow them
To stand between
The love I have
In my heart
For you
And the love
You deserve
Regardless of
Our circumstance
And commitments
I will not allow
The people around you
To block
The love
I offer you
Without expectations
In naked vulnerability
You will always
Know my truth
I show you
Truth and vulnerability
As an act of love
I said I miss you
It is my truth
And telling you it
Was my
Act of love
(C) 2017 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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Life Is Best When Lived Passionately

ART BY: Tony Salerno ~ "Aradia"


The below commentary goes with this poem and served as the inspiration. It was written first as just my journal entry and a way for me to collect my thoughts. I later pulled it into a prose. As Mercury is in Retrograde, I was unsure I wanted to post this as I know this can be a time of miscommunication. I was worried what I wrote below would be misinterpreted so I was hestitant. So instead I rewrote it to be clear that an act of love was to maintain truth and clarity.

In recent months I've experienced heightened intuition and self awareness. This not only gives me insights into the motives of those who surround me but also has been showing me how my words and actions can be used or interpreted by others. I guess I would say I've had more “situational awareness”.

In this new awareness, I've become more cautious and careful with whom I expose myself to not only personally and professionally. I've dealt with busybodies taking shots at me or gossiping about me for a long time. Instead of confronting it and acknowledging it, I've learned to just completely disengage from anyone harboring those lower spiritual energies towards me. That is what gossip, negative talk, judgment is; It's lower spiritual energy. I have no need or desire to prove myself right, win them over or help them to see the negative karma attached to their actions/judgments. I also decided to just stand back allow them take their shots. I just completely ignore it and love authentically.

As I tune into my intuition for guidance, their actions and gossip feel like jealousy to me. It feels like certain folks are jealous of me and any closeness I may share with someone so they run interference between us. With this new awareness,I decided it was best that I do not put any bullets in their hands. With that said, I make every effort to ensure the folks who truly care about me know the truth of my feelings for them.

I find it necessary to practice self awareness as well as situational awareness in the workplace as well as in life. I've maintain a distance from lower, sometimes immature, energies to set myself free and give myself space to grow. No hard feelings. I just see those folks don't hold the best intentions for me and are more concerns about taking shots at me than befriending me. That's 100% the truth. It's ok. Even though they often hurt my feelings, I no longer let them affect me. They walk their path; I walk my own. I send them love and light but I also learned to keep my distance.

There's a reason why I remain distant publicly. There is also a reason why I make an effort to ensure those I trust, and even love, know the truth. I am honoring my truth while also trying to protect myself and those I love from the lower negative energies that often surround us. It's not always easy to be on my guard all the time but I do it because I won't feed them information. It's a practice of self protection. Hopefully, those who care about me do not feed them bullets to use against me either.

Some say they don't understand why I keep to myself and stay completely disengaged. I guess it's hard to see the consequences associated with one's own negativity towards me. I am very sesnsitive and intuitive. I read people well and understand their unspoken motives. I see through lies. That is not paranoia. It is fact and I am merely trying to protect myself and someone I love from lower negative spiritual energy. I choose to focus on honoring my truth, being honest with those I trust and love and on growing personally and spiritually. That is what's important to me.

Put yourself in my shoes, see what I see and feel what I feel. You'll know it's the truth…

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Catalyst Of Growth ~ Love, Sex And Poetry 

Catalyst Of Growth ~ Love, Sex And Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Can you
Let go
And love
A little deeper
Can you
Crack your
Heart open
A little wider
To let
In the sun
Of my love
And use my love
As your catalyst
Of growth
Can you
Sit with
Your pain
Heartbreak and loss
Without trying
To hide it
From yourself
Can you
Shine love
Into the darkest
Part of your soul
And let
Someone brand new
Rise from
The ashes of destruction
Can you
Allow yourself
To feel the
Warmth of my love
And source
Your own growth
Through my light
Do you love me
Expectations or attachment
Can you
Use me
As mirror
Into your soul
And dig a
Little deeper
To find
The softest spot
That needs healing
Will you grow
And rise with me
In love
Claim the love
That is given
To you freely
You are
My catalyst
Of growth
And change
I've grown
Because I love you
Will you
Grow with me
Will you
Share this
Catalyst of growth
With me
I love you love

(C) 2017 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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Life Is Best When Lived Passionately

The below commentary goes along with this poem. Since is it the story that goes along with this poem, I am leaving here on my Poetry Blog instead of posting it on my Awakened Healer Blog. I will post a "Self Care Sunday" blog over there tomorrow instead.
The Awakened Healer

One of the underpinnings of the Integrative Nutrition course I am studying is Primary Food. Primary Food is what nourishes and sustains a person in life such as: Exercise, Spirituality, Career and Relationships. Being balanced and nourished in the Primary aspects of life is essential for wellness. The actual food on the plate is considered a Secondary Source of nourishment in the Integrative Nutrition world.

Recently, our class was given an assignment to reflect on the health of our relationships and we were asked to identify opportunities for growth and development. Through this exercise I was able to see that I've grown and healed on a very deep level in the last year through my relationship and connection with a man I refer to as “Blue Love”.

It was clear to me from the first moments our eyes locked that our connection was about more than just a sexual connection. Intuitively I knew there was something spiritual simmering under the erotic undertones between us. It wasn't until last year when he took a temporary assignment out of town and we were separated that I found myself coming face to face with my abandonment issues, fear of loss and pain that I buried deep in my soul.

The first few months he was gone were emotional chaos for me. Old hurts, painful memories of loss and buried heartaches came to surface. Something about the void I felt in his absence made everything feel more intense. I became anxious, clingy and eventually depressed. I was depressed because I couldn't believe his absence was triggering this deep emotional response in me. I understood what was happening in me was a call to healing. I was being called to sit with my fear of loss and abandonment. I was being asked to let him go and focus what happening within myself so I could heal.

In that moment of complete depression and rawness, I realized I was attached to him. My “attachment” to him was spiritually unhealthy for me and him. Attachment isn't love. Attachment comes with expectations, clinginess and possessiveness. For years I've spoken about unconditional love. Yet, it wasn't until I clearly saw I was attached in an unhealthy way to “Blue Love” that I realized that I wasn't loving him or myself unconditionally. I was trying to hold on to him and to the part of us that changed. I was making myself anxious worrying about what he would choose next and if I would be a part of his plans or if he even still cared about me. My “attachment” was blocking my ability to let go. My attachment was blocking my ability to truly love him or myself.

In the last year “Blue Love” has continued to explore his professional options. While we continue to be physically separated something changed in me over the last year. In allowing myself to feel the pain of my separation from him I brought other repressed pain to the surface for healing. By sitting in the middle of all of my shit, loss, pain and abandonment issues I awakened my inner Healer and mended pieces of my heart that were broken a long time ago. In learning to let go of my “attachment” to “Blue Love”, I found a new deeper truer love for him as well as myself.

By healing myself on such a deep emotional level, I also awakened spiritually and started embracing my soul’s true calling to be a “Healer”. I found the courage to face illness with strength and self love instead of fear and self pity. In choosing to love him and myself truly unconditionally, freely without expectations or attachments, I let go of all fear and broke myself open to profound growth in all areas of my life.

“Blue Love” is still in my life. I am very grateful for our relationship and our connection. It is clear to me now he was put into my life to help me grow spiritually. I was meant to learn how to truly love myself and others unconditionally through my relationship with him. He is truly a "soulmate" and maybe even a "Twin Flame." For that I am forever grateful.

So, I ask you now to reflect on the quality of your relationships. Are there any opportunities to growth, self awareness? Can you let go and love a little deeper? Are you attached or in unconditional love? What is your opportunity for growth in the Relationship aspect of your Primary Food?

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Be My Lover ~ Love, Sex And Poetry

Be My Lover ~ Love, Sex And Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Swirling around my lips
Is a taste for you
I want you
In my mouth
I want to
Suck on
The edges
Of your tongue
And taste
The beer
You just drank
Before kissing me
It's a taste
For you
I crave
A taste for
Your essence
In my mouth
As the salt
Of your sweat
Drips onto
My lips and
Awakens the erotic
Desires between my legs
Craving you
All of you
There's a craving
A craving
To taste
Your manhood
On my lips
Just before
You press
Your firmness
In between my legs
And make
Me beg for
Your assertive
Thrusts against
My receptive hips
It's you
Swirling around
My lips
I crave
To taste
As I lay
Naked and ready
For your touch
I want you
More now
Than ever before
My Blue Love
I want you
More now
It's you
I crave
My beautiful
Blue eyed muse
It's you I want
To be my lover
Be my lover
Be my lover
Right now
As I lay naked
Thinking of you
Come over here and
Give me a taste
Be my lover
(C) 2017 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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Life Is Best When Lived Passionately

#BlueLove #Forever 💙💙💋🔥😊💥

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Moon And Stars ~ Love, Sex And Poetry

Moon And Stars ~ Love, Sex And Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

I woke up
This morning
And you
We're on my mind
Your name
Slid off my tongue
Into the air
From the
Breath I exhaled
As if
I was releasing
The feeling
Of missing you
Into God’s ear
Asking him
To protect you
On your path
It was you
In my dream
Just minutes before
Talking to me
As if you
Were standing
Next to me
And then
I opened my eyes
And I was
In bed
Naked alone with
You on my mind
You were
Laying your
Energy against
My body
And pressing
Your name
Onto my chest as
I exhaled
And said
Your name slowly
Releasing my
Passion for you
Into the air
Praying my
Love for you
Travels with the wind
Into your heart
And places me
In your thoughts
Sparking you to
Share in this moment
Of desire and
Spiritual connection
Before we
Live another day
In worlds apart
From love
That is shared
In the energy
Between us
I take a deep breath
And step
Out of bed
Carrying you
In my heart
Throughout the day
Laying with you
In my heart
At night
Seeing you
In my dreams
As the Moon rises
With the stars
Your soul
Is never far
From mine
Your soul
Is the moon
And mine
Is the stars
We are
Universal love
We are love
Under this
Beautiful New moon
We are love
(C) 2017 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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Life Is Best When Lived Passionately

New Moon in Leo rises tonight and starts the "Black Moon" Cycle culminating with a solar eclipse on August 21st🙌👏🌚🌑 Sunday, July 23rd is the time to go inward and make a thoughtful new moon wish. For more info on the Black Moon cycle visit:

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Swim ~ Love, Sex and Poetry


Swim ~ Love, Sex and Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

In your manhood
I find myself
Going deeper
Into the waters
Of your soul
To find
My own path
To contentment
I hold my breathe
As I dive
All the way down
Into the place
In your heart
Where the love
You withhold
From another
Waits patiently
For me
To believe you
Waits for me
For me
To relax into
Your hands
And trust you
With my future
And my heart
I swim to the top
Of reality
Gasping for air
Searching the horizon
For safety and security
I panic
And try to swim
To familiar land
Until I felt it
I felt your heart
Pulling me
Into the riptide
Of love again
Trying to gain control
Of my destiny
I try to change
My course
I am
So used to
Looking out myself
It’s my instinct
Or perhaps
Just a habit
To disengage
To protect myself
But I feel it
I feel myself
Drowning in your soul
I feel myself
Needing to be near you to
Feel my own heart beat
Get out

My inner skeptic
Get out before
He breaks your heart

My wounded soul
Begs of me
As one barrier
Between us dissolves
And we move closer
To one another
I take a deep breathe
Before diving
Back down into the water
Swimming back down
To bottom of your heart
Until I find
The center of your world
Placing my lips
Against your chest
You give me oxygen
And tell me
To take a breathe
And trust you
Trust you
As I steady myself
I whisper to you
I do
Trust you
As much as I
Am capable of trusting
Another person
I trust you
I don’t want more
If I won’t have you
(C) 2016 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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Life Is Best When Lived Passionately

Note I’d like to take my clothes off and go for a swim in those beautiful blue eyes 💙💙

Photography “Kissed” by Libor Spacek


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Home ~ Love, Sex And Poetry

Home ~ Love, Sex And Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

What does home
Feel like
For you
Is it warm
Fuzzy slippers
Or a wet nose
Dog greeting
You at the door

For me
Home is a feeling
Not a house
Home is the
I take when
I see you
Walk down
The hall
Home is the
Of my heartbeat
When you
Look me
Directly in the eyes
Home is the
Of your voice
Drifting near by
Home is the
Reassurance I feel
In your presence
And the
Void I feel
In your absence
For me
Home is
The love
I feel for you
Whether you are
Near or far

In this time
Of separation
And self exploration
While we each
Honor our own truths
The bonds
Of love
Have not been broken
But instead
By a greater awareness
That the highest good
For me
Will always
Include you
My heart
Will always
Feel the warmth
Of home
When you
Are in my life

As you
Stretch yourself
And look
For your forward path
I hope
My love
Will always
Feel like
Home to you
As you have
New experiences
I hope
You will always
Feel grounded
And desired
When you
Think of me
As you travel
Know you are loved
Wherever you go
My love travels
With you
My love
Is your home

(C)2017 Linda A. Long ~ All Rights Reserved

Life is best when lived passionately

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Night Swimming ~ Love, Sex & Poetry

Night Swimming ~ Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

The water
Was warm tonight
As I floated
In the pool
Of your heart’s desires
The night air
Was gentle
On my skin
As you swam
In my thoughts
And pulled me
Under with you
Into the depths
Of our lust
Rising up
From under water
I emerge
Naked in your arms
I kissing your lips
For just a moment
You whisper my name
As you dive under
Sliding me back into your fantasy
One lap after another
I swam with you
In your heart
Never leaving you
I was with you
For every beat
Until I stepped out of the pool
Of your crystal blue eyes
And stood before you
I was wet
Wet with arousal
For you
My naked skin
Glistened in the moonlight
As you thought of me
Somewhere in the
Energetic flow
Of passions
That were simmering
Just under the
Swinging of my skirt
Your eyes
To linger
Just long enough
For me to notice
Your appetite
For me
You made me wet
Wet for you
I feel the hunger
The hunger
Pounding in your
Tonight you swim
In the watery depths
Of my hips
Swimming to forget
The throbbing
Of your cock
Swimming to feel
The water slide against your skin
Swimming in lust
For me as the
Hunger in your chest is
Growing insatiably
I am called to you
You called me to you
It is here with you
In the pool
Of our desires
I feel
A yearning
A hunger
An ache
Me to you
It challenges
My sensibilities
I see images
Of lust and submission
Before my eyes
In plain sight
Carefully obscured from
Public view
But open wide
For you to see
It’s in my trust
For you
That I feel most free
Free to play
In the playground
Of our lust and desire
It is here
I swim naked
And free
With you
Floating peascefully
In your heart
I swim with you
I swim
In your heart tonight
Night Swimming
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

“Life is best when lived passionately”

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Samarel ~ Sageword Facebook Page

“It Must Be Your Love” by Etta James

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1st BlueLove Poem ~ Spark Of A New Desire ~ Love, Sex & Poetry

Spark Of A New Desire – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Two minds
One fantasy
In lust
As if
The waters
Of chemistry
If we
Should we
Act out our
Should we
The door
To mutual
And invite
To bring
Our bodies
Should we
Allow our
Eyes to meet
And linger
In this moment of
Conflicted self awareness
Logic speaks
To obstacles
Energy passing
Between us
Begs to entwine
Our arms
Our lips
Our bodies
Connect our minds
Take this ride
Of romance
Without knowing
If it is prudent
Because it
Lacks convenience
Lives in
My mind
And stirs
My body
By your mere
Glance at my breasts
You set me on fire
With just your eyes
The spark
Of new desire
Ignites me
Juices Flow and
Brings life
To my creativity
You are invited to
Create with me
(C)2013 Linda A. Long ~ All Rights Reserved

Life is best when lived passionately

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NOTE For some reason I woke up wondering what was the first poem I wrote for Blue Love and when did I write it. This is it💙I wrote it on March 19, 2013. I still feel the same erotic spark of desire for him four years and lots of changes later💙💋✌️
#BlueLove 💙💙💙💋✌️

Art Credit:

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Come To Me ~ Love, Sex And Poetry

Come To Me ~ Love, Sex And Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

From the
Nourishing watery
Depths In the center
Of my hips
I call to you
Come to me
And be loved
Come to me
And I shall
Love you
As you deserve
To be loved
Lay your
Against my chest
And feel
The Passion that is
Raging in my
Veins for your
Touch against
My womanly
Place the ear
Of your soul
Against my
Root and
Find grounding
Energy in my
Love for you
Steady yourself
In the warm
Comforting energy
Of my love
For you
Come to me
And be loved
Loved the way
A man deserves
To be loved
Rest your
Anxieties on
The root
Between my thighs
And take comfort
In grounding
Your soul
Into my spiritual
Lying in wait
To nourish you
Let me sustain you
From the strength
Of my root
Licking red flames
Into the source
Of your creativity
Sparking your
Sacral energies
To connect
With the source
Of your divine love
I am here
To ground you
Support you
Encourage you
And remind you
Of the man
Your soul calls
You to be
In the quiet moments
When you can hear
My heartbeat
Calling to you
Come to me
And be loved
Loved the way
A man deserves
To be loved
(C) 2017 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

Life is best when lived passionately

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#BlueLove 💙💙💙💋✌️

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Friday Night Bedtime Story ~ Love, Sex And Poetry

Friday Night Bedtime Story ~ Love, Sex And Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

May I tell you
A bedtime story
May I offer you
An escape
May I suggest you
Close your eyes
And allow me
To spin my words
Around your hips
And take you
Take you down
All the way
Into my deepest
Most erotic fantasy
Imagine me
In your mind
See me
See all of me
I’m wearing
A black lace bra
With black lace panties
And garter belt
Black silk nylons
Black stilettos that
Accent the curve
Of my calves
My hair hangs
Effortlessly over
One eye
As my red lips pout
In expectation of you
I will leave
My lipstick
Wrapped around
Your manhood
As a reminder
That you
Were in my mouth
That I held you
In my mouth
And licked you
Into hardness
Until slowly
I sat on top
Of your waist
And slipped you
Deep into my hips
Imagine this
You are with me
You are lying next
To me tonight
You can feel
The heat of
My body
Radiating onto your skin
You can hear
My heart pounding
With love for you
As I sleep
You can hear
Me whisper
Your name
As I dream
Of you
Inside of me
Let me
Tell you a story
It’s the story of the
Love I feel
For you
My love
I love you
(C) 2017 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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Love Embodiment ~ Love, Sex And Poetry

Love Embodiment ~ Love, Sex And Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

The embodiment
Of my love
For you
Is expressed
In the sway
Of my hips
To the sound
Of your voice
My body awakens
As your masculine
Energy speaks
In erotic tone
Of desire
Only my hips
It is
As if I was sleeping
Until you
My desires awake
As if my sexual spirit
Rested in apathetic
Slumber until
The one moment
In time
When you
With me
Through the lightening
Of your brilliant eyes
The juices
In my body
To flow
In anticipation
Of your arrival
Into my life
As if I was stuck
In a trance
My love was dormant
You spoke my name
Say my name
Speak it out loud
As you
Enter my hips
Say my name
Whisper it softly
As you drift
To sleep on
My breasts
Say my name
To wrap yourself
Around my warm body
Let love
Embody you
Say my name
Call me
Your lover
It’s in
The sound
Of your voice
I know
(C) 2017 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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