I Know The Way Out

A guy falls in a hole one day and the walls are so steep he can’t get out. So he’s down there when a doctor walks by and the guy says “Hey Doc, I am down in this hole, can you help me out?”. So the doctor writes a prescription and throws it down the hole.

A little while later a priest walks by and the man shouts “Hey father, I’m stuck in this hole, can you help me out?”. The priest writes the man a prayer and throws it down the hole.

Then a friend walks by and the man goes “Hey buddy can you help me out”. The friend jumps down in the hole with the man and the guy goes “Hey what are you an idiot, now we are both stuck down here”. The friend says, “Yeah, but I have been down here before and I know the way out.

I read this little story the other day; I bookmarked it because it was so thought provoking for me. I was going to write commentary of my thoughts around this. However, I decided to let the story speak for itself. Take a few moments and reflect about it a bit. I hope it speaks to you as beautifully it spoke to me.

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Life Is Best When Lived Passionately

How Are You? ~ The Story of A Warrior In Pearls 

I’m a walker. Although I live on the beach, I prefer to walk along the bay. I like walking bayside because I like the small town sense of community I feel as I walk through the neighborhoods along the water. I see many of the same people each time I walk. I know the local dogs; a few try to follow me home😂

Every weekend I see a well dressed older woman sitting on her steps drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes. We always say “Good Morning” but this morning I found myself intuitively following up with “How are you?” Well, 20 minutes later I walked away knowing our paths crossed for a reason. I’m still not sure if I needed her or she needed me. I do know for sure there was something spiritual about our conversation.

She started off by telling me she enjoyed seeing me in the morning because I smile and I’m friendly. I complimented her jacket which had blue roses on it which matched her beautiful crystal blue eyes. Blue Roses are my favorite flower by the way. This delicate little woman was even wearing pearls and earrings while sitting on her steps outside at 9:00am drinking coffee and smoking her cigarette on a Wednesday morning 😄

As we chatted I mentioned that I quit smoking five years ago. She replied, “I quit drinking 34 years ago!” And that’s when it happened. That’s when I knew she had a story. In that moment of complete awareness I stopped and listened to her with focused attention realizing a truly beautiful spirit sat in front of me. She was my blessing today.

Over the next 20 minutes or so she told me she was a bad alcoholic 35/40 years ago and she ruined her life and marriage. She moved to her current residence because the community had a large AA network. In the early years of her sobriety, she went to meetings four times a day. She knew if she didn’t go to the meetings, she would never stay sober. She told me it was the scariest decision she ever made but she also knew she had no choice. She told me how she struggled early on until she gained traction. She also told me she never took her sobriety for granted. She knew it was a choice she would have to make every day. She then explained she doesn’t need meetings anymore because she knows her sobriety is solid. Then she smiled, looked at me and said, “July 16th is my day and it was 34 years!”

I could feel myself welling up. She was so quietly inspiring. A true beautiful warrior spirit. At this point I shared with her, that I had some health issues a few years ago and stopped drinking five years ago; November 25th is my day👍 I was not an alcoholic. My reasons for stopping were because it was bad for me. It was causing my stomach problems and it made me depressed. It was holding me back. It had to go. My new friend completely understood what I was saying. Many friends even my family don’t understand me making that kind of choice. It was holding me back and it had to go. That’s it…She got it!

As I said, I’m not sure who needed who today. But I know with absolute certainty this beautiful little woman, with crystal blue eyes, pearls and a blue rose jacket who was sitting on her front steps drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes was put on my path for a reason.  If nothing else she reminded me to wear my pearls on Wednesdays and also reminded me of the beauty of the human spirit.

I hope we can chat some more in the future. Just think, it all happened because I took off my headphones and said, “How are you?”

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Life Is Best When Lived Passionately

Wordlessly ~ Love, Sex And Poetry

Love, Sex And Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

I knew
Wanted me
In the glint
Of your eyes
In the smile
As you past
In the spark
As we looked
Eye to eye
We communicated
Without words
A secret message
Passed from me
To you
As if
I whispered
My desire
In your ear
My heart
Your attentions
Without words
The flirtation
That started secretly
Was nourished
In the warm exchanges
Of our
Non verbal cues
And grew
As we played
Silently together
To fan
The flame
Of lust and desire
Without you here
With me
I reflect
And take note
It is our
I miss the most
It is seeing
Your desire for me
I miss the most
It’s talking to you
That I miss the most
I miss you
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Life Is Best When Lived Passionately

It was while I was listening to Chapter 5 of “Feeling Loved” by Jeanne Segal that I had a revelation. The chapter is about Non-verbal comminucations. It hit me. What I miss the most in this time of separartion is our wordless conversations and exchanges. We talked without words and we can’t do that now. I really do miss that❤️❤️💋

Other news, I’ve been thinking a lot about life and my future. As a single, independent, self-sufficient woman who’s almost 50, I know I will be choosing a secure paycheck over living my passion right now. However, if I manage to manifest myself a Mega Millions lottery win, I would go back to school and finish a BS and a Master’s Degree Social Work or Psychology. Social Work and Psychology were my first majors (dual major)in college. I actually wanted to be a Psychologist. I allowed myself to be talked into changing to Business degree two years in because “my do gooding” didn’t pay well and required advanced degrees. If I was rich and had nothing but time, I would go back to school & do what I am passionate about. I am kicking around the idea of taking one class online to see how school feels at 49yo😂

Keeper Of Your Flame – Love, Sex And Poetry

Keeper Of Your Flame ~ Love, Sex And Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Let me
Set you
On fire
Let me
The match
In your soul
Let me
Your deepest
And spurn
Your unspoken
Desires into
Stand your
On the tip
Of my nipple
I will
Raise you up
With the images
Of my mind
I will
Tell you
The story
Of our love
As you drift
Into sleep
I will
Tell you
The erotic story
For you
It lives
In the lush
Wet center
My legs
I touch it
Feel it
Rub it
Until it’s smooth
With love
And desire
For you
Waiting to
Drip into
Your mouth
And nourish you
With passion
And desire
That you’ve
Never known
Claim me
As the fire
Of your soul
Chose me
As the keeper
Of your flame
Let me
Set you
On fire
(C) 2016 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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Life Is Best When Lived Passionately

The Power Within Me – Love, Sex & Poetry


The Power Within Me – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

There is something
Powerful simmering
Within me
I feel it
Growing slowly
Over time
Each day
It’s vibration pulls
Stronger at my heart
Each encounter
With you
Brings out more of me
It’s the
Power within me
It’s powerful
It Lives and breathes
Between us
I acknowledge
The magnetic pull
Of our energies
And feel the
Affects of our
Energetic collaboration
Two plans
Merging into one
Gaining strength
With each passing day
I hear you at times
When I am silent
As if you are
Filling me in on the details
And asking me
To be your partner
We’ll grow together
We’ll make a plan together
We can do this together
Hang in with me
Believe in
The power within us
We will be together
It’s just
A matter of time
There’s a force
Within me
Pushing me
To dream
A little bigger
Work a little harder
But rest easy
In this life
We are creating
Yet together
There is
A wind blowing
Through my life
It is moving me
Closer to you
With each step
I take towards
My personal goals
I feel my path
Merging with yours
As if destiny
Planned this for me
For us
From the start
As if fate
Knew we would
Be good for each other
Trusting nothing more
But instincts
I listen to my intuition
And hear the
Invitation to our destiny
Understanding more
Now than I did
Knowing the best
I have within myself
Will only get better
With you in my life
I see it clearly now
The power within me
There is a powerful
Force moving in my life
It speaks your name
In it’s echo
It is good
I know it’s good
We are good together
Good together
You and I
Are good together
You spark
The power within me
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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I wrote this poem a while ago. I was reminded of it today when I was researching how two people can use the Law Of Attraction to co-create their future. What I know now is both people have to be very, very clear about what they want for their future. If one or both are wishy washy or on different vibrational frequencies, they wont be able to co-create. I find this especially powerful at this juncture of our journey together. This time of separation, change and transition can either make us or breaks us.

I spent sometime the last few days getting very very clear about what and who I want. I can see and visualize our future together. I’ve decided I want this time to make us – makes us better and stronger together. Now I have to keep my vibration up by being happy now and expecting only the best outcome for us. If he feels the same way and we align our desires and expectations together, we should be unstoppable❤️❤️❤️

I chose the below song for this post for a couple of reasons. First, I absolutely love this style of music. I love the female lead, the big band sound and I absoutely love Cole Porter music. Second, I chose it because it’s aligned with my desires…MBE would be so nice to come home to or should I say, me waiting for him in high heels and lingerie would be so nice for him to come home to…Just imagine it❤️

Photo Credit

Tony Pavone

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How I Used The Law Of Attraction To Get My Oceanview Condo

I intentionally used “The Secret” or the Law Of Attraction to get my Oceanview condo in the Fall of 2013. I thought I would reflect on the steps I took to manifest the gorgeous view you see above.

In 2013 I lived in a home offshore. I was starting to feel uncomfortable living there. I noticed my mood changed when I came home, I avoided my roommate instead of engaging her. I knew it was time to leave but I just couldn’t pull the trigger and let go.

In the October of 2013, I was furloughed from my job for 17 days. The weather in the first week of October that year was absolutely gorgeous. It was beach weather. I am a beach walker. back then, I usually went to the beach in Ocean City. For some reason that week I decided to walk on the beach in the Ventnor/Atlantic City area. As I was walking past the high-rises I thought to myself. I want to live in a condo on the beach! That was the exact moment the magic in my head started happening🙏👏

I immediately went home and pulled a copy of “The Secret” out. I needed to know how to frame the request. That’s when I remembered these tips:

    Be clear with your request. The Universe doesn’t like wishy washy
    Express gratitude. The Universe responds to people who are grateful.
    Say it as if you already have it. It’s yours. Feel it.
    Use feeling & emotion to convey excitement. Anticipation attracts good energy.
    Do not worry about the how, who, when or where, you will block the flow
    Be in the moment & stay aware. You will need to see the signs.
    When you get intuitions, take prudent action WITHOUT delay. Yes, action may be required.
    Have fun now. Don’t stress about it.
    Do whatever you can to be happy now. Monitor your feelings. Focus on feeling good now.
    Relax and let the magic happen. Don’t worry about the how, who, what, where or when.
    Make the request, Believe it’s yours, Allow yourself to Receive

With all of the above tips in mind, I formalized this simple request:

I AM so happy and grateful now that I live in a condo on the beach🙏

I repeated this request as if it was a mantra. I wrote it, I recited, I owned it

Ready, this is when it started to get fun…

Late in October 2013 I mentioned to a friend who was a Realtor that I may be looking to rent an apartment temporarily until I figured out what I wanted to do. I asked him if he knew of anything available. He said he didn’t have anything but suggested I check out Craig’s List. He said many of his colleagues posted listings there.

I looked at Craig’s List and saw a high-rise that was on the beach in the Margate/Ventnor/Atlantic City area. They had one and two bedrooms for rent. I thought to myself…I AM going to live there😂 I had no idea why I thought that. (Intuition – the nudge from the Universe) I called the Realtor immediately and made an appointment to go look at the units available.(Prudent Action WITHOUT delay)

The Realtor showed me a few of the modestly priced condos available for rent. I wasn’t in love but I liked them. Then the magic happened. The realtor said, “Hey, I got a place upstairs. It’s a little out of your price range but for some reason I think you need to see it.” (Universe at work). We got off the elevator on the 7th floor. 7 is and has always been my lucky number. My father’s birthday is 7/7. (Dad was with him🙏) I felt good already. We walked down hall. She opened the door to condo number 723. 723 is my parent’s anniversary. My Mother and I have both hit the lottery using the number. (The Divine was looking out for me).The realtor opened the door to a full ocean view at sunset on a gorgeous night on November 5, 2013. I could hardly stop my heart from pounding. I knew it was mine. (Believe it’s yours).

The only problem was the monthly price was about $250 more a month than I was willing to pay. I told the Realtor I needed time to think it over. I truly believed if it was mine, it would still be there waiting for me. I just couldn’t reconcile myself with the additional $250. Thanksgiving break came and went. The Realtor was out of town on vacation. I finally got in touch with her on December 5th. I asked her if it was still available. She said YES. I asked if the Landlord would take $250 less a month or was she firm. The realtor told me she wasn’t sure but suggested I make her an offer that I was comfortable with. So, I offered the Landlord $250 less a month than the condo was listed for. (Gave it a shot)

The Realtor called me back a few days later and said, “So, the Landlord is inclined to accept your offer but she would like you to also pay half the parking fee each month which is $30 per month!”😂 I said, “Wait, that’s it? She is taking a $220 less per month?” 😂 The Realtor said, “Yes, she has a good feeling about you!” 😂😂 (I received what I asked for).

By the time we buttoned up the paperwork, I signed the lease on December 17, 2013 and moved on January 16, 2014. I’ve been here for three years🙏👍 By the way, the picture of the high-rise I saw on Craig’s List, is the building I now live in❤️

That is how the magic happens and how “The Secret” works 😂

If you would like to apply these these principle to your life, I would suggest doing as “The Secret” says, start all of your requests as:

I AM so happy and grateful now that…

For example, if you want to sell your house quickly, your request could be…

I AM so happy and grateful now that my house sold quickly above market price

Lastly, what I was forgetting in the last year is…Sometimes you have to let go of something good for you to be open to receive something better for you.

Now, go out and have fun manifesting great stuff…

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Life Is Best When Lived Passionately

Gratitudes, Requests And Affirmations

I saw the movie “The Secret” for the first time in 2007 when it was first released. It was my first encounter with the Law Of Attraction and it blew my mind. I couldn’t believe I could manifest things with my thoughts.

Over the years I’ve used “The Secret” to land a secure job, a condo with an oceanview, a new healthier body and a better relationship with myself. I also believe practicing the Law Of Attraction raised my vibrational frequency and brought other good things to my life such as a few good close trusted friends, a man who is very good for me and the improved ability to manage the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder I’ve had since I was seven when my Father died suddenly. I use “The Secret” to manage the PTSD flashbacks periods until they recess to the back part of my mind. That’s why I downloaded “The Secret” book by Rhonda Byrne on Audible today and listened to it as I drove. I finished up when I got home. It was very helpful.

Since I feel like its time for me do a tech refresh on my brain and thougts, I plan to listen to my book on Audible a few times this week and use it as my homework or my textbook. I also downloaded some Affirmations and started following accounts on Instagram aligned with the power of thought. Retraining the brain isn’t easy but it’s necessary for me to do this again and do it like a boss with self assurance and self confidence. No doubts about my future are allowed.

One of the principles that is most important is to get very clear about what you want. If you are wishy washy or keep changing your mind, the Universe doesn’t know what you want. It’s also important to frame your requests as if you already recieved them and – most importantly – do not get caught up in the “how”. That’s where I was screwing up. I was trying too hard. I tried to control the “how” my life should manifest in the past instead of allowing the Universe to bring me what I wanted.

After spending all day listening and clarifying my desires, I finally got them into words. I am sharing them here to demonstrate my committment to a forward plan of thought. These are some of my official requests of the Universe – Order up!


I AM so happy and grateful now that I am using my talents and skills to the best of my abilities in all areas of my life

I AM so happy and grateful now that I am doing challenging and rewarding work that I am passionate about

I AM so happy and grateful now that I am at my perfect weight, in perfect health and feel great

I AM so happy and grateful to be in a loving committed passionate relationship with a man willing to grow with me and who loves me unconditionally

I AM so happy and grateful for my well paying, rewarding and challenging career which provides me with continuous opportunities for growth

I AM so happy and grateful to meet like-minded friends and collegues

I AM so happy and grateful money comes to me easily and effortlessly.

I AM so happy and grateful to spend my 50th birthday in Sedona, AZ with a friend from high school.

I AM so happy and grateful to be of service to my family, friends and my community.

I AM so happy and grateful to be open, aware and conscious in my life, the world around me and my spirituality.

There are more to come but I’ll let the Universe start with these requests as I see them as most integral to my growth and overall happiness at this time of my life.
By the way, I love the Audible for iPhone App👍

Have you thought about what you want the Universe to bring you? Do you use Affirmations? Have you tried to manifest anything with the Law Of Attraction?

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Life Is Best When Lived Passionately

Are You Comfortable In The Unknown?

After a couple weeks of working through some muddy emotional waters, I’ve had a break- though of sorts. I realized over the last day or two that being smack in the middle of the great unknown in a few areas of my life is flat out freaking me out. It is straight up freaking me out. lol😂 Knowing what I am feeling is a reaction to change and being in the unknown, I started feeling better.

I am a doer, an action person. Sitting back, waiting and drifting along causes me great anxiety. It’s not about control. I don’t need control. It’s just I’m a black and white thinker and right now I feel I am somewhere stuck in grey. Grey lacks passion and drive. That’s not me.

I’m also feeling some separation anxiety from my blue eyed muse. He was great comfort to me. He was my playmate and a reason to look forward to every day. He’s temporarily away. So I am missing his familiar energy and seeing his beautiful blue eyes everyday. Also, his presence isn’t around to steady my restlessness. That feeling triggered a feeling of loss in me that brought up some old painful memories. I started thinking… he’s never coming back, I’ve lost him forever, I’ll have to learn to live without him…I know none of it’s logical. I never claimed to be logical. lol😂 But, it triggered a fear that’s very deep and painful in me. I’ve lost a lot of people I love from a very young age. Feeling like I lost him, triggered that pain in me😢 For some reason this temporary change for us triggered that fear of losing yet another person I love. It swelled up in me until I almost choked on the panic.

It hit me last night what was happening. I called my therapist today for an emergency phone call😂 I needed to talk this irrational fear out of me. I also needed coping skills for it because it was taking hold of me. I needed to be sure I didn’t do anything stupid. lol…Whenever I fall down the rabbit hole of that pain, it’s very hard for me to get out. My therapist knows this. She always brings me back with logic. She challenges my illogical fears and thoughts with logic. She doesn’t hold any punches. I don’t want her to. I want to hear it straight with no sugar – thanks!

Now I can see this has been screwing with my confidence. It’s giving me doubts where I had no doubts. I’ve been trying to push decisions for myself to bring something into focus in a deseaparate attempt to make the unknown known.

What I see now is, I really need to do what MBE tells me to do all the time – TAKE A BREATH😂😂😂

I also have to challenge this illogical fear every day with logic and hope for future. The truth is I have no idea what’s going to happen with him, me, us, we, my job or my future. I have to just try every day to do my best, focus on being happy now, believe good is coming my way, trust God remember I haven’t lost anyone and use my affirmation…

Everything I need want and desire comes to me effortlessly at just the right time!

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Life Is Best When Lived Passionately

Here Without You ~ Love, Sex And Poetry

Here Without You ~ Love, Sex And Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

The stone
Was thrown
In the still pond
I watched
The waves
Ripple across
The surface
Until I felt them
Crash against
My heart
Until I almost
In tears
From the sense
Of loss
I feel since
You left
We’ve been
Wrapped around
Each other
For a long time
I forgot
What it was
Before you became
Part of the fabric
Of my heart
I never planned
To love you
Little by little
Your beautiful
Blue eyes
Lowered my guard
Until you could
Walk over it
Your familiar voice
Reminding me
You were near by
Opened my legs
With arousal
And mind to
Words you held
On the tip
Of your tongue
I didn’t want to need you
I never wanted
To become
Attached to you
It wasn’t
Until the day
You left
That I completely
The place
You possessed
In my heart
And the role
You played
In my life
I couldn’t tell you
I was sad
You were pursuing
A new challenge
I couldn’t do anything
To hold you back
Now I can’t pretend
There isn’t
Something missing
In my life
It’s you
It’s not pretty
I admit it
Real deep
Passionately Love
Is rarely convenient
And almost never
Neat or tidy
No, it’s messy
Explosive and
Downright annoying
It has me
I’m doubting
The future
If I am losing you
Should I let you go
I challenge myself
I don’t want to
Aches my heart
If it’s time to
Let you go
Pull the band-aide off
Let’s not
Linger here
For love’s sake
If we are meant
To hold on
To each other
Trust me
I will hold onto
You tighly
Once you are
In my arms
And between my legs
I will never
Let you go again
I will love you
Beyond measure
My love
Will be yours
I never meant
To love you
Here I am
I love you
(C) 2016 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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Life Is Best When Lived Passionately

Holding On Or Letting Go

I’ve been thinking a lot about my future lately. Perhaps turning 50 next year brought awareness to my goals, hopes, ambitions and perceived limitations. Maybe watching someone I love, admire and trust pursue a new challenge is filling me with that familiar restlessness I spent the last few years trying to ignore. I’m not completely sure how I got here…but, I am here – looking at the future.

As I look down the road, I reflect on my long term professional goal – to retire from my full-time job when I am 62 and go back to working part time for a non-profit. I worked for a non-profit before I sold out for security and a pension. When I retire, I want to work for a charity in human services or homelessness. I want to make a difference and impact lives. I want to serve the greater good and know I am making a meaningful contribution to an organization.

I guess when I started thinking about this, I worked backwards. To retire at 62 as a single woman comfortably and only work part time, I need to make sure the next 12 years I am making as much money as possible without killing myself. I also want to be sure I am making a meaningful contribution where I spend the next 12 years. Well, I guess I am wondering if I can do that where I am. In my current job, I don’t see a path for career progression. Even if I got a raise today, what about tomorrow, next year or two years from now? What’s the plan? If I get a grade level promotion, what’s the plan for the next grade level promotion? How do I prevent me being the dumping ground for work no one else wants to do? How do I challenge my intellect and skills to benefit myself and the Organization? I have a Degree in Management and strong Business background but I current work in an Engineering Shop. I am an anomaly. My Supervisors don’t seem to know what to do with me or how to utilize my strengthens.

Maybe, just maybe it’s getting too hard to forge a path. Maybe I am trying to hard and stressing myself out. Perhaps, it’s time to consider I can’t get to where I want to go where I am. This is why I’ve been sad and conflicted. I like where I am. So far, I’ve voiced my concerns to folks but everyone says “I can’t make you any promises.” I’m now starting to say, “yeah, right back at ya!” There’s now only one person I trust enough to open up to and he’s gone:-)

Maybe, just maybe, it’s time to let go and find another position with a clear path and a promotion to help ensure my long term plan instead of stressing myself trying to fix something by myself.

I am also ready for a deeper relationship with a man I love but given his current status and geographical location that doesn’t seem possible anymore. As loyal as I am to him and as much as I love and care for him, maybe we have to accept we can’t be together and let go. Maybe love isn’t enough…

I am wresting with the question, Am I holding on, when I should be letting go?

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Life Is Best When Lived Passionately

Ride Or Die~ Love, Sex And Poetry

Ride Or Die ~ Love, Sex And Poetry
By: Love, Sex And Poetry

I know
Where my loyalty lies
It rests quietly
In the palm of your hands
And is molded
By the heat
Of your body
As you
Move in and out
Of my awareness
Until you are
Standing before me
Penetrating my mind
With visions
Of sex and love
I ride or die
With you
I’m your
True blue
Who reminds you
Our connection
Is unbreakable
We are unbreakable
I know
Where my loyalty lies
It’s nested securely
In the alliance
Of our
And souls
Under the pressure
Around us
You leverage
My intuition
To stir the juice
Of my desire
Between my leg
And transcend
My mind
The distance
You join me
In our love
I am with you
I know
Where my loyalty lies
It lies
With you
And speaks to my heart
Through your beautiful eyes
It pulls me to you
My love
Where you go
I will follow
You are
My ride or die
I’m ready
To ride
With you
(C) 2016 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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Life Is Best When Lived Passionately

I a had dream this morning. MBE was looking at me over top of his glasses. I love those gorgeous eyes☺️ He looked at me, smiled and said, “Will you help me, please?” I woke up and never got a chance to answer him. But the answer is “of course,you’re my ride or die” 😂😂😂❤️💋😈🔥🙏👏

Where You Belong ~ Love, Sex And Poetry

Where You Belong
By: Linda A. Long

As I take
A deep breath
It is your name
I exhale
In a moment
Of private arousal
I whisper
To you
From the depths
Of my cleavage
The words of love
And desire
Pushed against
The wall of my chest
Until I explode
Into your mind
Reassuring you
Are connected
We are entwined
Our souls are
My soul is
Linked to yours
Where ever
You are
You are in your heart
Where ever
I am
I carry you with me
Every day
The love we’ve waited for
Is ours
Now and always
It will not falter
In the distance
It will strengthen
As we choose
To believe
In our love
The love
We cared for and nurtured
From only a bud
Of flirtation
Into the full
Of our joint destiny
Put your trust
Into our union
Rest your worries
In my heart
My love
Lay your faith
On my words
My love
You will
Rest in my arms
You will
Lay your head
Against my body
To hear
My heart
As it beats only
For you
Your hands
Will feel
The energy
Of our pure love
Against your skin
The heat
Between my legs
Welcome you back to
Where you belong
You belong with me
(C) 2016 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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Life Is Best When Lived Passionately

Changes & Selfies

I don’t post selfies on my blog very often. Mostly because I prefer annonimity. Today I stumbled across a photo of my BFF and I at the Kenny Chesney concert in 2011. I found the photo hard to look at. It hurt me to see me at my weakest. I am posting the below photos today because I want to make no mistake about it…I want it to be clear and visible…In 2016, I am better, stronger, wiser, more confident, more self assured and happier than I’ve ever been. I let go of the girl in the 2011 photo to become the woman I am today.

The girl you see in the photo with the cowboy hat was 50+ pounds heavier than I am today. She drank too much. She smoked too much. She had problems with her heart and liver and she lived on Tums all day long. She was also involved in a very unhealthy situation with a man and found out many of the people she thought were friends couldn’t be trusted. This girl was so beaten up she lost her confidence and almost her life to health issues. 

One day that girl woke up. Literally, she woke the fuck up and saw everything clearly – for what it really was. She saw people for who they really were. While that was heartbreaking, it was also pivotal in her growth.

The day the girl woke up was the best day and worst day of her life. It changed everything. The switch in her head was flipped ON and without a moments hesitation the girl burned her life to the ground. She severed ties to a man, fake friends. She gave up alcohol and cigarettes. She actually found comfort and a solid foundation to build her life when she hit rock bottom.

It’s been almost five years since I blew up my life. By nature, I am a strategic risk taker in life. I knew I was taking a huge gamble by walking away from everything but I also knew I was at a breaking point. I knew I wasn’t going to survive the way I was. By walking away, I gave space and room for other good things and people to enter my experience. I opened my heart again to someone who has been good for me. I gave my body a fresh start. I cleared a path for the evolution of my soul and I allowed myself to grow into the woman you see in the photo below. Looking at the 2016 photo, do you see any regrets in my face? Nope, not even a little one!

I feel the ground under my feet shifting again today. It’s calling me to change and grow again. I feel this shift to be more professional than personal. I’ve reached the point of surrender and I am looking forward to seeing how things will play out. I’ve also been looking out for my own interests. I am open to movement and change. 

The woman I am today is passionate, smart and strategic. She is ready to play big. She is ready to work, live and love with every ounce of wild, crazy,passsion that is in her heart. She is ready. I am ready.

Love Trajectory ~ Love, Sex And Poetry

Love Trajectory ~ Love, Sex And Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

The trajectory
That brought you
Into my heart
Started slowly
Almost without notice
If I was not observant
I may not have noticed
You looking at me
Once I saw you
The air around me
Shifted a bit
Whenever you
Would be near me
I felt a slight hiccup while
I tried to catch my breathe
When you passed me
I took
A momentary pause
Before I spoke
To slow down
My raising heart
I quietly composed myself
To hide
The blush of my cheeks
As my nipples would harden
With the surge
Of wetness between my legs
Anytime you looked at me
When your beautiful eyes
Met mine
The spark
Woke me up
To desire again
My wetness begged
For your touch
Your energy would
Circle around me
As I mended
A broken heart and
Regain strength
In my broken body
You were there
Around me
While I rebuilt my life
And restored my confidence
You were there
With each small step
I took back to being me
I enjoyed your attention
But never claimed it
As my own
Until like a rocket
I felt it
I felt you move through
My points of arousal
Intersecting my passion
Igniting my vision
Everything changed
We stood still in time
Treading water
Waiting for the shift
Until now
Movement is happening again
Your growth
Pulls me out of complacency
Your passion
Sparks my own imagination
Of what I can be
Of what we can be
Of what we will be
As I take stock
Of the impact
You have on my world
I can say with absolutely certainty
My world is better
Because you have been in it
And I hope
The future is meant for us
I hope
We are meant
To forge new
Ground together
I hope
We stay entwined
Through your growth
And challenges
With joy, love and acceptance
I acknowledge
You are one of the
Best things
That has ever happened to me
Your stability
Helped a free spirited
Untrusting nonconformist
Find some comfort
In a mundane world
Your fire
Pulled me up
And forced me
To rise up emotionally
And heal
The wounds of the past
Your beautiful blue eyes
Set my words
On fire into poetry
As I write this
I don’t really know
What my experience
Looks like without you
I hope I never have to know
My life without you
But I’ve grown too
With the strength
Of woman
Yet the passion
Of a young girl
I hold my hopes
For us lightly
With enough freedom
For you to express yourself
And enough
And faith that
I know
I am better because
You are in my life
As we enter
A new phase
Of movement
And growth
I let you go
With one hand
While I hold you tightly
With the other
Your joy and enthusiasm
For a new challenge
Light the fire
In my heart
And kindle my own
Desires for more
Than what I am today
It is with deep admiration
I will follow
Your lead
Into the unknown
With faith
What is meant to be
For us
Will be
(C) 2016 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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Life Is Best When Lived Passionately


It seemed like I was writing this poem all day long in my head as he moved happily around me❤️😄I’d smile every time I saw the bounce in his step and heard the passion in his voice.   ❤️❤️❤️

My favorite quote EVER is from Marianne Williamson’s book “Return To Love”.

There is no passion in playing small – in living a life less than the one you are capable of living.  Your playing small doesn’t serve the world.

Phone Sex ~ Love, Sex And Poetry

Phone Sex ~ Love, Sex And Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

My blue eyed lover
I can’t sleep tonight
May I ask you
To indulge my fantasies
And help me
Satiate the
Craving between my legs
For your attention
May I request
You lay back
And allow your thoughts
To drift
With slow intention
Into my world
Where our words
Ignite the flame
Of our joint desire
And floats across
My nipples
Down my cleavage
Into the
Soft wet place
Between my legs
That begs
For your voice
To move my fingers
Into the climax
Raising my hips
To your commands
My kindred spirit
Release your senses
Into my command
Allow me to satisfy
Your needs
And lead you
Into my fantasy world
Let me hear you
Release the tension
In your hips
With my voice
As I offer you
The most erotic
Part of my mind
For your indulgence
My dear
Blue eyed lover
Escape with me
Hide with me
The blanket
Of our love
Speak your fantasies
To me
One night
One orgasm
At time
(C) 2016 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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Life Is Best When Lived Passionately

Under You ~ Love, Sex And Poetry

Under You ~ Love, Sex And Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Say my name
I need you
To say my name
While you look
Me in the eyes
And penetrate
Into my soul
I need to hear
Your command
Of my essence
As you
Hold my arms
Down on the bed
And remind me
I belong
Under you
I belong
Under you
With my legs spread
Wide open
My arms
Wrapped around your neck
As my eyes
Speak the desire
You hear
In the moan
Of my sighs
Begging you
To push further
Into my world
I belong
Under you
Pulling you
Into the hot wet
Comfort between
My thighs
Holding your ass
Pushing you
Into my world
I belong
Under you

(C) 2016 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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Life Is Best When Lived Passionately

I Shine ~ Love, Sex And Poetry

I Shine ~ Love, Sex And Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Not by
The touch of your hand
I feel
The power
Of your energy
In my world
You are deeper
Than the surface
Of my skin
Penetrating to
The core
Of who I am
Who I was
Who I strive
To be
Not by
The kiss
Of your lips
Do I feel
Your warmth
Nourish my spirit
And reassure me
That I am
In the right place
At the right time
With the right person
Not by
Your manhood
Entering me
Do I feel
Your passion
Fill me
With the heat
Of your love
Do I feel the comfort
Of your affection
Somewhere between
Your heart and mine
Are the strings
That bind us together
Reflecting love
From my eyes
To yours
I touch you
Without words
Yet more profoundly
Than any other
You know
My love
Is yours to keep
If not by
The touch of my hand
Than by the
Shine of light in my eyes
When you are near me
I shine

(C) 2016 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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Life Is Best When Lived Passionately

Rising To Life’s Challenges

This has been a challenging weekend so far and it’s only 5:30am on Sunday morning. I felt pretty good Friday. My stomach was cooperative and I slept pretty good. I was hopeful to have a normal Saturday.

When I work up on Saturday morning, I noticed a slight headache over my right eye. As a lifelong migraine sufferer, I was familiar with the pain. I knew if I didn’t catch it, I could be in a lot of pain later in the day. I took medicine, ate a decent breakfast, had some caffeine, hydrated, walked three miles and went food shopping. A slight headache was still lingering and my belly was feeling full and bloated even though I didn’t eat a lot.

As I was driving home from the grocery store my former roommate called me to ask if I knew if my old friend, Nancy, passed away. She saw something on Facebook. I immediate felt my stomach start churning;my head and heart both started pounding. When I got home, I got in touch with a friend and Nancy’s family. She died Friday night from complications from Stage IV Bile Duct Cancer that already spread to her Liver. I knew she had Cancer. It’s actually a reoccurrence. She had Lung Cancer the first time about five years ago. The truth is had no idea she was that sick and struggling. I had no idea. She didn’t post much on Facebook. Admittedly, I don’t read as much on Facebook as I used to. It stresses me out seeing so much information. I limit my Facebook time and activities. I guess I missed it. With me not really keeping in touch with the group of friends Nancy and moved in, I just didn’t know. It bothered me, it upset me I didn’t know. I would have reached out to her. I would have helped her. I heard she had financial problems because she couldn’t work. If I knew, I would have helped her🙏😢

Nancy and I socialized in a group of friends from about 2000 to about 2011 which was when I stopped drinking and bar hopping. One of our close friends died from complications with Crohn’s Disease in 2007. Nancy and I were always fond of each other; our lives just moved in different directions. She even called me last summer about maybe renting in my building. We held no hard feelings; we were just making different choices. I loved her as friend. She was sweet, happy, kind and it just makes me sick Cancer took another close friend.

The news of Nancy’s death also stressed me out because I’ve been having my own health challenges the last month. I just had an Upper a Endoscopy on Thursday where the doctor took four biopsies of my stomach. While I feel pretty sure, I don’t have stomach Cancer, this shook me up and made my mind go to dark place. By 5:00pm, my head was killing me, I was throwing up the little bit of food and water I had on Saturday morning. I just kept thinking of Nancy and worrying about why my stomach is so fucked up.

When the doctor talked to me after my procedure on Thursday, he said he saw irregularities and could see why I wasn’t feeling well but also said he didn’t think it was “serious”. He told me he did the biopsies precautionary and to look for bacteria that could be causing my problem. He told me he would give me treatment plan in my follow up appointment and that I should continue taking the two meds he gave me until the appointment. I still feel pretty confident I do not have Cancer as there is none in my family. It’s just the news about Nancy freaked me out as I am waiting on biopsy results myself.

The last time my stomach was this bad was five years ago. That’s when and why I stopped drinking alcohol, stopped smoking and gave up Gluten. My belly has been stabilized for three years. That’s why I don’t really understand what happened to set this off. That’s why it stresses me out bit. I felt good for three years. I even put back on some weight because I was enjoying food so much 😂😂 I am dropping weight again. While I’m excited I will soon be able to fit into my favorite skinny jeans from 2013 again, every time I step on the scale I am reminded I’m losing the weight because I’m sick again.

I suppose the good thing that came out of it, it made me check-in and reconnect with old friends. My former roommate and I gave each other some good support on Saturday. I also realized over the last week there is really no reason for me to move in January unless the landlord ends the lease. My little shopping cart makes bringing my groceries up to the 7th floor from the parking lot easier. I can even deal with going downstairs to do laundry as long as I go during off-hours. Most importantly, the employees in my building have been so sweet, thoughtful and helpful to me throughout this last month. They even told me I’m one of their favorite residents because I’m sweet, nice, respectful, polite and a good tipper😂👍All I have to do is call the front desk if I need someone❤️

The migraine broke around 4:00am after I took a Tylenol 3 and drank a cup of full caffeine black coffee. I combined the pill with the caffeine which seemed to work. I was able to eat cereal and soy milk around 5:00am. The caffeine has me wide awake so I am writing this all out. I imagine I probably will be going back to bed and taking it easy the rest of the day. If you are reading this blog, please consider holding me in your prayers. It’s been a challenging month. While I’m hanging in there, it’s harder some days than others. Also, I’m waiting on biopsy results. I am praying for the simple bacteria my Doctor mentioned. That would be easy to fix🙏

(C) 2016 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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Life Is Best When Lived Passionately

I Want You More ~ Love, Sex And Poetry

I Want You More
By: Linda A. Long

My fingers
In your hair
As I watch you
Kiss me
Between my legs
Wetting me
Soaking me
With lust for you
With each lick
I want you more
Than I’ve ever
Wanted anyone
I want you more
It’s in the depth
Of our connection
That I release
All of my inhibitions
To my love
For you
My legs
As the path
You must travel
To reach
The center
Of my world
Touching the
Core of my soul
With the tip
Of your body
Submerge yourself
Inside my walls
Allowing myself
To receive your love
While letting you in
All the way
Inside of me
I love you
I whisper
I love
I want you more
Trusting you
The man
I’ve grown
To love
And finally
Finding peace
In the reassurance
Of your beautiful
Blue eyes
I want you more
Blue Eyes
I want more
Your heart strings
Are wrapped around
My waist
And pull
Me deeper
Into your soul
I leave my words
As a trail
For you to follow
As you choose love
Move your body
Slowly into mine
It’s in the depths
Of our connection
You will find me
And waiting
For your return
I want you more
(C) 2016 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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Life Is Best When Lived Passionately

Healed  ~ Love, Sex And Poetry

Healed ~ Love, Sex And Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

The times
You are away
From me
Feel longer now
As I’ve grown
Attached to your
Reassuring energy
Circling around me
You are no longer
A flirtation
You are now
A part of my life
I need you
As much as I need
Air, water, food
Does it scare you
To know
You sustain me
It’s wasn’t easy
For me to open
Myself up
To allow you in
But I think
We both realized
Last week
I’ve grown
In spite
Of my recent challenges
I’ve grown
Through my anxiety
I broke through
My fear
I finally
Opened up
To you
And let you in
If you needed proof
Of my trust in you
If you needed
Of my faith
In you
Please know
You are one
Of a handful of people
I truly allow
To see me
I allow you to see me
I see love
Reflecting back to me
In your eyes
I know
I am safe
With you
I will continue
To remove
The barriers
Between your soul
And mine
I know
It’s through you
I am now free
It’s with you
I am breaking down
The walls
In my heart
It’s near you
I find peace
It’s for you
My heart
Has opened
To love
It is with you
I am healed

(C) 2016 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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Life Is Best When Lived Passionately

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