Linda – Love, Sex And Poetry

Linda – Love, Sex And Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

When you
Listen to
Your heart
Does your
Soul call
My name
In a low hush
Just loud
Enough that
You can’t
Ignore it
Or pretend
You didn’t
Hear it
Does my
Name stay
With you
As a
Lingering thought
Pulling you back
Into my
My deep brown eyes
That always
Reflect love
Back you
Reflecting back to you
A spiritual love
A love that
Reminds you
My soul
Is yours and
It is as
True blue
As the crystal
Of your eyes
Does my
Name rest
On your chest
At night
As you
Try to fall asleep
Filling your heart
With lust
And your body
With passion
Does every inhalation
Leave you
Restless and conflicted
As you
Roll over
I am not
Next to you
Does my
Name stay
On the tip
Of your tongue
As if
Saying it
Whispering it
Brings you
And grounds
Your spirit
In love
Keeping you
To the true
Wisdom in
Your soul
And igniting
The fire
Of awakening in
The depth
Of your being
Does my
Name root you
In love, affection
And adoration
When you
Say it
Do you feel
Nourished and supported
As woman’s love
Should make
A man feel
When given
Freely and joyously
Even on his
Most challenging days
A woman’s love
Should break through
The walls
A man builds
Around his heart
When he
Deprives himself
True loving fulfilment
When a man
Is truly
Loved by woman
Her name
Becomes his mantra
He says it
As a prayer
When he needs peace
He whispers
It as a meditation
When he needs
Her energy
To be with him
He hears it
In his soul
No matter
Where he is
When you
Listen to your
Does your
Soul hear
My name
And does it
Bring you
Does my name
Bring you peace
(C) 2017 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

Life is best when lived passionately

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My Soul Needs Yours – Love, Sex And Poetry

My Soul Needs Yours – Love, Sex And Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

It is your soul
I wish
To speak to
When I say
I love you
For your soul
Speaks the same
Language as mine
And understands
The history
Of lifetimes
We’ve shared
And the
Subtle nuances
Of the karmic connection
Your soul
Has to mine

While I suppose
We could live
Without each other
Our souls
Would be deprived
The beauty
Of our spiritual
Leaving our
Karmic mission

The first moment
I allowed myself
To linger
In the beautiful blue
Of your eyes
Almost five years ago
I knew
There was something
Special about us
And something
Meaningful growing
Between us
My soul recognized yours
As if it was looking
For a kindred spirit
My whole life
Only to find it
When I allowed myself
To linger
In the Blue
Of your eyes

Intuition whispered
To me that
You and I
Have a soul contract
I didn’t quite
Understand the terms
Or length of
Our beautiful contract
I only knew
We were meant
To do something
As we’ve grown
Through these years
Playing different roles
In each other’s lives
The role I value
The most in your life
Is the role of
Of your soul
I want to be
The source
Of your spiritual fire
The person who
Speaks truth
And wisdom
Into your ego
And grounds
Your soul
With Love
And adoration

It is the
Grounded every man
Quality I saw in you that
I was most
Attracted to
From the beginning
While your are
By people
Concerned about
Money and power
I want to be
The person
Who keeps
You rooted
In what’s real
Love is the only
Thing that is
Truly real
My love for you
I truly real

As life
Changes for us
It is you
I want to
Count on
To be in
My corner
It is you
I want to share
My experiences
With as I
Enter a new world
It is you
My soul
Wants to
Hold on to
While I stretch
Into a new role
I need you
To ground me too

With faith
Love and hope
I ask you
To enter
The new phase
Of our growth
As my Bluelove
As the continued
Inspiration to
My creativity
As the inspiration
To my poetry
As the keeper
Of my erotic words
And source
Of my sexual fire
You are a
Kindred spirit
To my soul
Our souls
Need each other

I believe
In my heart
And from the
Depths of my soul
Our soul contract
Is not over
It’s just
Beginning a
New exciting phase
I want to share
My new experiences with you
And count
On you as my advisor
Conspirator and friend
I want to
Look into those
Beautiful blue eyes
And see your soul
Looking back at me
As I stretch
Into a new version
Of myself
Unsure how
My life will change
The one thing
I most need
To remain
In my life
For the evolution
Of my soul
Is you
I want you
To remain
My bluelove

My Bluelove
It is
Your soul
I wish to speak to
When I say
I love you

I love you
Blue love
(C) 2018 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

Life is best when lived passionately

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Love Is My Religion – Love, Sex & Poetry

Love Is My Religion – Love, Sex And Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

It’s in the blue
Of your eyes
That I see
Your soul
I see the fire
Of my kindred spirit
It burns a flame
Of passion and desire
Calling to my heart
Awakening sensations
Between my legs
Yearning for you
To be my lover
Lay me down
On the bed
And kiss my lips
I will hold
Your face
In my hands
And wrap
My legs around
Your hips
Pulling you close
To me
Loving you
As a man
To be loved
Giving you
All of me
Worshipping your body
As my alter
Loving you
Will be my religion
At the power
Of your manhood
I will take
You in my mouth
As communion
And swallow
You as holy water
Savoring your taste
In my mouth
Revering your essence
In my body
You will be
My alter
Have faith
In me
My lover
You can
trust me
I will hold
Your spirituality
In the valley
Of my cleveage
Each time
You see me
Trace my naked body
With your lips
And linger
As if praying
The rosary
On my nipples
My legs
Will be open
To you
For absolution
My naked body
Waits to be
Your alter
Pray with me
As I kneel
On your hips
Thrusting your
Into my body
Honoring the
Grace of our
Spiritual connection
As the source
Of my spirituality
Loving you
Will be my religion
Will you
Let me hold you
Will you
Let me nurture you
Will you
Be my soul food
And let me love you
The way
You deserve
To be loved
Loving you
Is my religion
(C) 2017 Linda A Long – All Rights Reserved

Life is best when lived passionately

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Reaching For The Moon

Reaching For The Moon
By: Linda Long

I was
I was
I was unhappy
And then
Then I got pissed off
I was pissed off
That my life
Was not
The way I wanted
It to be
I was frustrated
That I had
To change
I was unhappy
That I had
To let go
Of everything
I was convinced
Was meant for me
I tried to do
Damage control
A few months ago
I tried to stop
The emotional
Tidal wave
From taking over
I tried to stop
It from escalating
The harder
I tried
The more frustrated
I got
Until I couldn’t remember
What I was fighting for
As I became
More aware
Of my feelings
I could no longer
Ignore the truths
Truths in my life
The truth was
I changed
Things had to change
I was transforming
Into a better version
Of myself
I was
Seeing all the opportunities
For growth and expansion
I was becoming aware
Of every unfulfilled area of my life
I starting seeing
Things clearly
I was feeling
The emptiness
Of every void
In my life
I knew
I couldn’t ignore the
Truth anymore
My body
Started breaking
From the stress
Of trying to hold on
So tight
My body
Started clenching
Trying to hold back
Words and feelings
As I wrestled
With choices
I prayed
And prayed
Slept and went inward
Looking for answers
And all I heard
Follow the signs
I started following
The signs
As they led me
To one bridge after
Another in my life
At each one
I contemplate
If I should cross
I asked myself
Should I stay
On this side
It’s safe
I am unfulfilled
At least
I don’t have to
Change or let go
Should I cross over
I don’t know
What’s like
Over there
I don’t know anyone
I will miss
What I leave behind
My heart
Isn’t sure
It can start over
My soul
Doesn’t want to
Let go
I am comfortable here
It’s ok to stay
I deserve
To be happy
And fulfilled

I heard the voice
Whisper to me
I am capable
Of doing more

It Rang true
In my heart
It’s no longer
Comfortable for me here

I knew it was the truth
As the words
Flashed across
My mind
As I accept
That it is time for
Me to welcome
Change and transformation
Into my life
I pray
I am strong enough
To let go
Of what no longer
Is meant for me
And courageous
Enough to
Open up to
New possibilities
As I welcome
The new version
Of myself
Just over the horizon
I hear
I can
I will
I must
Make a difference

And so the decision
Was made
To cross the bridge
Being thankful
For every experience
And growth opportunity
I had along
The way
To the people
Who God brough
Into my life
As teachers, mentors and friends
I trust and have faith
Those who are meant
To be in my life
Will remain
What is meant to be
Will find a way to be
I pray
For protection
And the support
Of those who
Care about me
As I choose to
Try something new
Not sure
Of what’s
On the other side
But knowing
I can’t stay
On this side anymore
I can no longer
Play small
And accept less
Than I want and deserve
It’s time
For me to open up
And reach for
The moon and stars
Within my own soul
It’s time to welcome
Something better in my life
It’s time I welcome
A new version of myself
A healthier, happier
And more fulfilled
Version of myself
It’s time
For change
(C) 2017 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

Life is best when lived passionately


If you are a regular reader of my blog, you may have noticed I removed several posts. This is because I thought the journal entries had too much information about my personal life in them. If someone Googles me and finds a blog of poety and essays, that’s ok. But I don’t want folks finding every detail of my life. While I am still keeping a journal with those thoughts in them, it’s set to private. I guess you can tell by this poem, it’s a time of change in my life. I’ve decided I can no longer play small. I deserve to be happy and fulfilled. I am nervous and excited to see what will happen but it’s now too uncomfortable for me to stay as is.

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Shower of Roses – St. Therese Lisieux

St. Therese Lisieux, The Little Flower, saved my life one night about six months after my sister died in 1999.  That night not only brought me to my knees in tears and prayer but was the start of my relationship with beautiful St Therese and her Shower of Roses in my life.

My sister was terminally ill for long time.  I not only watched her health decline but I was also a caregiver.  You think you are prepared for death especially when your loved one has been sick for a long time.  Take my word for it, you are never prepared.  After two weeks in intensive care in early 1999, we asked the Doctors to not give her any additional medications and to let her go in peace.

The first few months after her death were a blur.  There were so many things to worry about and my Mother was teetering between despair and a nervous breakdown.  I spent my time off from work with my family and taking care of my Mom. I was trying to hold my Mom together without really realizing I hadn’t allowed myself to grieve.

Grief caught up to me one night at the end of that summer.  In retrospect, it had been building for a while but I was soldiering on and ignoring it.  I broken down in tears in a meeting in work the day before; my coworkers knew I had reached breaking point. I left work early that day and stayed home that weekend. I was completely broken and could not stop crying. I woke up around 1:00am in morning on Sunday with pressure in my chest and uncontrollable tears streaming down my face.  I was alone in my apartment and I knew I was in trouble. I was having desperate thoughts.  I knew I had to find a church that was opened 24 hours. I had lay my burdens on God’s shoulders. I needed the comfortable of my faith and of a church.

I lived in Ocean City at the time. None of the churches around me were opened 24 hours.  I pulled out the phone book and found Our Lady of Sorrows which was 20 minutes way and was opened 24 hours.  I got to OLS around 2:00am.  When I walked in, I found a St. Therese Lisieux statue and the Miraculous Prayer To The Little Flower card.  I spent the next four hours sitting in front of St. Therese and praying with the card in my hand.  By the time I left the church, I knew she was with me. I could feel the comfort of her presence. I could smell roses. I walked around looking for roses but couldn’t find any but I smelled roses.  That is St. Therese’ sign; you smell or receive a rose.

From that night forward I started to slowly allow myself grieve, I went into the work on Monday but talked to my boss and took a two week leave of absence because I knew I couldn’t work and heal.  I started participating in grief counseling groups and therapy. I started slowly healing. I stopped in church daily for years to light candles, leave roses at St. Therese’s feet or just to say a quick prayer.

Since that night 18 years ago, I’ve maintained a relationship with St. Therese. I pray to her every day. I am member of the Little Flower Society.  I use roses as my sign when I need confirmation from her. Over the years she has sent me hundreds of roses and answers thousands of prayers. She is my rose🌹 As you can imagine, roses are now very spiritual to me and carry great significance in my life.   🌹 If you ever want to make me happy, give me rose 🌹 Since that night I remind myself every day to little things with great love.

I know no other way than to be a lover. If I love you, you will know it. I don’t make grand gestures, I do small little things to show you I care. Instead of having my usual Christmas cards printed this year, I sent folks that are important to me each a Little Flower Christmas prayer card which enrolled each of them in five novena masses with the Carmelites starting Christmas day.   This was my way of spreading St. Therese’s message of “little ways” of great love.

Below is the Miraculous Prayer To The Little Flower that I have said for the last 18 years. I’ve carried this card in my purse for 18 years. I have it in my apartment. I keep one in my bible and in my car. It’s my go to prayer. It always works! Sometimes we don’t always get what we pray for but we always get support and comfort when we pray. Who doesn’t need a novena? 🙏😂 Please visit for more information about St. Therese Lisieux and the Carmelites.

(C) 2017 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

Life is best when lived passionately

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The Flame Remains – Love, Sex & Poetry

The Flame Remains – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Does the
Fire of my love
Burn in
Your heart
And ignite
In your soul
Inspiring you
To create, grow
And awaken
To your true
Authentic self
Does the fire
Of my love
Stoke your soul
And feed
The flame of
Desires that
Lay in your heart
Restlessly reminding you
The fire
Your fire
Is in me
Has the fire
Of my love
Changed you
With its warmth
Has the passion
Of my desires
Inspired you
With its intensity
Of lust and wanting
Do my words and
Affections nurture
The warrior
Within you
With sexual fantasies
Reminding you
That you are man
A man who
Desires a woman
A man who
Loves a woman
Do you miss my
Hips and the way
They played their
Music just for you
As I passed you by
Do you miss
The warmth
Of my smile
And way I
Would lock
Eyes with yours
To remind you
Of my desires
For you
Are you different
Because your
Beautiful eyes
Locked with mine
In the silent moments
Only shared
By the two of us
Has our
Connection reminded you
You that love
Deep passionate love
Is within you
And around you
It is within me
And I am within
Your heart
Do my breasts
Call to you
A man
With passions
And desires
Calling to you body
Does your body
Feel me
When I am near
To you
Do you feel
My energy
When I am close
To you
Does it stimulate
You and invite you
To linger
In my sensuality
And join me
In a moment
Of sexual attraction
These are the questions
That have been
On my mind
Have I
In some way
Made your life
Did you grow
Because I loved you
Did I leave a mark
Of love and affection
In your soul
Will you miss me
I am still
Trying to
Figure out
What life looks
Like without you
I can’t imagine
What it will be like
To not write poetry
For you
It overwhelms
My heart to
Imagine myself
Not being connected
To you
In some way
As I work these
I know
That loving you
Was good for me
Loving you
Changed me
I grew because
I loved you
You inspired me
You challenged me
You stimulated me
You stoked my
Sexual fire
With your eyes
The spark between us
Will remain forever
Only to be reignited
Every time
We are
In the same room
I hope one day
Will we once again
Linger in each other’s
Energy and
Feed each other
With our flirtation desire
The flame between us
Will remain burning
Long after we
Part ways
As we move
Unsure of
How we will
In the future
I ask you
To think about
Did my love
Make you better
Did my love
Make you stronger
Will you miss me
If we are meant
To be in each other’s
Lives somehow
We will be brought
Back together
We will find
Each other again
For now
The flame burns
In the shadow
Of our love
(C) 2017 Linda A Long – All Rights Reserved

Life is best when lived passionately

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Imprint ~ Love, Sex & Poetry

Imprint ~ Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

In the light
Of your eyes
My soul
Radiates love
Into the Universe
To touch
Your heart
With the love
Of my words
Accented with
The tears
Of missing you
My closed
Broken heart opened
Because I loved you
In the beautiful
Blue light
Of your eyes
I stand
As the keeper
Of your flame
Creating alchemy
Out of the
Of our love
I am better
For loving you
I am not ready
I am not ready
To open my hand
To let you go
My heart
Is not ready
To forget the
Imprint you’ve
Made into
Depths of my
Blue from the
Color of your eyes
Blue from the
Sadness of
Possibly losing you
The intensity
Of my feelings
May overwhelm you
Maybe you
Haven’t been loved
As deeply as
I love you recently
Perhaps your heart
Hasn’t been open
Wide by
The love of woman
Who adores you
In long time
Maybe you just
Aren’t used to be loved
Rest assured
My love
Is still genuinely
Authentically yours
Lying in the
Glow of love
From your eyes
I am pure love
I am the essence
Of pure unconditional love
Reminding you
You are man
Loved by a woman
Will love survive
The tides of change
In our lives
Will the blue aura
Of love
Shine its blessings
On both of our hearts
Keeping us together
Only time will tell
What is to be
Our future
But one thing
You should know
For sure is
I want to be
Near you
I want to be
With you
I want to write
You poetry
And tell
Our story
Of love and sex
Creating imprints
Of our journey
Into history
Leaving our love story
To last forever
I want to weave
The story of
My desire
Into your heart
And nurture your soul
With the genteness
Of my love and
Relax your body
With the rhythm
Of my hips
Connected to yours
As I make love
To you
I want to imprint
My love
On your lips and
I write you poetry
As your soul food
Imprint your desire
Between my breasts
As you make love
To me
With the conviction
Of a man
Who has come
To me
To claim
The love he deserves
Imprint me
Into your soul
And I will
Live forever
In your heart

(C) 2017 Linda A. Long ~ All Rights Reserved

Love is best when lived passionately

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Reflection ~ Love, Sex & Poetry

Reflection ~ Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

The question
I’ve asked myself is
Would I have looked away
If I knew
I would have to
Let go of you
Would I have
Changed something
In our past
Turned away
From you
Instead of
Falling in your
Crystal blue eye
Would I have
Silently said
To the love
That was rising
In my heart for you
Rising out of desire
With each encounter
Taking root
In my soul
Until one day
It undeniable
Spoke its truth
Into my heart
And I knew
I loved you
Would I have
Turned away
And passed by you
Instead of lingering
In your those eyes
And sourcing
My own erotic
Desires from your
Interest and attentions
Would I have
Turned away from you
If I would have known
Today I would be
Losing you
And letting go
Of you and of love
Would I have
Turned away
If I knew
Those beautiful
Blue eyes
Which have come
Mean so much to me
Those beautiful
Blue eyes
That I see
My own soul
When I look
Into to them
Those beautiful
Blue eyes
That carry
My heart‘s Prana
Would be
So far away
From me
Would I have
Turned away
From you
At our first glance
If I knew
I would be
Losing you today
The answer is
I would not have
Turned away
I would not
Have looked
Away from you
For one simple reason
You reminded
My heart
What it meant
To love someone
You reminded
My body
What it meant
To desire a man
You reminded
My soul
That love
Unconditional love
Is the purest love
I’ve enjoyed
Every glance
I savored
Every flirtatious
Moment between us
I thank you
For every
Erotic fantasy
Every orgasm
You inspired
As my preppy
My erotic playmate
I would not
Have changed anything
In our past
I was always meant
To love you
As we stand
On the edge
Of change
And life takes us
In somewhat
Different directions
The anxiety
Of losing you weighs
In my heart
I also remind myself
This doesn’t
Have to be farewell
It doesn’t
Have to be goodbye
It’s just a bend
In the road for us
A chance
For both of us
To grow a little
I a new direction
It is the end
This is where
We part ways
I understand
Everything you would
Have to give up
To choose me
And standing
In the honesty
Of that that truth
Makes me feel
Compassion for you
And empathy
For a man who loves
A woman
He can’t possess
Take with the
Force of his desires
You and I
Are kismet
Sparks fly
When we are near
Each other
You and I are
Spiritually entwined
My soul is
Wrapped around
You waist
You soul
Lives in my heart
Where ever
You go
You take me with you
And as I lay
In bed at night
It is your soul
I kiss good night
As I work through
The complexities
Of our entanglement
I allow space
Space for both of us
To reflect on what
It will mean for us
To live without
Each other
What will mean
For me to write poetry
For another man
What will mean
For me to close
The Bluelove chapter
Of my poetry
And my life
What it will mean
For you to
Walk away from me
Just so you know
One thing
I know for sure is
I wouldn’t have
Turned away
Even if I knew
You would leave me
Even if I knew
It was going to end today
I wouldn’t have turned away
I love you
(C) 2017 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

Life is best when lived Passionately

Art Credit:

Title: Sapphire Blue, By: K Madison Moore

Fine Art America

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Love Me In The Morning ~ Love, Sex & Poetry

Love Me In The Morning ~ Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

I sit
Perched upon
Your hips
Rocking in a rhythm
To satisfy the
Urgency of my desire
Burning a fire
Between my legs
My wetness
Drips down
Over your body
With the motion
I create
While riding you
Sliding up
And down
As I whisper
The words
Of passion
With each thrust
I whisper
I love you
I whisper
Those words
Into your
Crystal blue eyes
I’ve wanted you
Inside of me
Since I first blushed
As you
Looked at my breasts
I whisper
As I kiss your lips
The energy rises
Deep within my
Wet Center
The rhythm
Of my hips
Quickens with intensity
Wetness gushes between
My legs as
I slide my nipple
Into your mouth
And whisper
Bite it
Nibble gently
As I moan
Your name
My body quivers
As the warm sensations
Start taking over
My body
Smack my ass
I beg you
As I start to
Lose control
And surrender
Into the
Rhythm of my
Erotic desire for you
I say your
I shout your
In One finally
As I crash
Into your hips
In orgasmic release
I love you
I whisper
I say
I kiss your lips
And roll onto
My back
Spreading my legs
Wide as you
Pin my hands
To the bed
Press yourself
Deep inside of me
Thrusting until
You collapse
And whisper
I love you
As you rest
Your head
My breasts
Enjoying this time
Together before
We get out of bed
To start the day
Make love
To me
Every morning
Love me
In the morning

(C) 2017 Linda A. Long ~ All Rights Reserved

Life is best when lived passionately

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11:11 Wish

11:11 Wish
By: Linda A. Long

Rising up
From between
Her legs
Her soul
Aches for him
As the flashes
Of crystal blue magic
From her memory
Rekindle her
Sensual spark
She needs him
She needs him more
Than she ever wanted to
He awoke
The power
Within her slowly
And broke open
Her heart
So she could let
Love, desire
And passion
In it again
It was him
It was him
Being in her life
It was him
Lighting up
Her soul
That broke
Her open to
Love again
She radiates love
From the wetness
He stirs
Between her legs
And sources
Her erotic
Power to reclaim
Her sexuality
And erotc words
As if his
Lips could kiss
Her hips
As they rock
In quiet
Orgasmic submission
With the thought
Of his kiss
On her lips
He is the keeper
Of her flame
Perhaps he is
Her soulmate
Maybe he is
Her Twin Flame
But at this very moment
He is
Her erotic inspiration
As she hopes
For the reunion
Of their energies
And the
Transformation of their
Love into the
Physical element
With his eyes
Feeding her soul
And his body
Feeding her desire
He is the masculine
To her feminine
He is
The man she loves
She loves him
In a quiet prayer
She releases
Her wish into
The Universe
With a kiss
As the clock strikes
She made a
Bluelove wish
She made a wish
That Bluelove
Will be her
In her arms
And between her legs
Where he belongs
(C) Linda A. Long ~ All Rights Reserved

Life is best when lived passionately

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Big Love – Love, Sex & Poetry

Big Love – Love, Sex & Poetry

By: Linda A. Long

Is our love
Big enough
To ride the waves
Riding the
Up and downs
Of life
But still
Staying tethered
To each other
Balancing between
The needs of self
And the desires
Of the other
Is our love
Open enough
To allow growth
And awareness
Into our experience
Perhaps uncovering
Uncomfortable truths
Pushing each other
To the edge by
Challenging boundaries
Yet pulling back
With love
Compassion and
Are you working
In my background
Planning a way
Smoothing a road
Keeping a watchful eye
Without interjecting
Valuing my
Growth, happiness and fulfillment
As much as your own
Can I call you
A friend
Can I rest easy
In the knowledge
That you love me
Can I look into
Your beautiful
Blue eyes
And know our paths
Are intertwined
Can I sleep tonight
This is not the end
Of the road for us
It’s just
A new direction
We will travel together
Can I move forward
Into my
Pursuit of personal
And professional fulfillment
Knowing you are
Moving along
With me
As the mate
To my soul
As the joint
Synergy of our
Divinely inspired
Can I rest assured
It is as important
To you as it is
To me
That I am fulfilled
Is our love
Big enough
Wide enough
Strong enough
Ready to face
The next chapter
In our journey
Is it your hand
I will hold
Is it your mouth
I will kiss
Is it your waist
I will ride for enjoyment
Before I drift off
To sleep
Wrapped in your arms
Is our love
Big enough
To handle the
Enormity of our shift
For me
The answer is
My love for you
Is BIG enough
(C) 2017 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

Life is best to be lived passionately!

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Somewhere – Love, Sex And Poetry

Somewhere – Love, Sex And Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

My heart
Knew you
Were near
I could feel it
I knew it
Almost as if
I heard your
I felt the
Restlessness grow
I felt the excitement
Of seeing you
Wet me
With anticipation
Then I saw
You knew I
Couldn’t resist that
I blush
We both know
I couldn’t resist
Your bait

Trying to put it
Out of my mind
I focused on my duties
And fought every urge
I had to
Play the game
I wasn’t biting
But you were
And I needed a fix
It was a game
Could I find you
You do like
To play with me
And I do
So enjoy playing
With you
I am not quite sure
How to interact with you
What do you want
What should I say
Should I move closer
Should I give you space
Should I hold on
Should I let you go
Should I move on
We live
In the grey space
To Be Determined

I took a deep breath
And tuned into
My intuition
I heard relax
Into the flow
Just be a good friend
Allowing myself to surrender
To our unknown future
I said a prayer
And bought the bait
I looked for you
As I entered the door
There you were
My preppy Blue Love
You smiled a little
Like you knew
I would eventually give in
Were you timing me?
You smiled
But tried to hide it
Your tense shoulders
Melted a little
As you greeted me
And I knew
I was happy
Was here
Near me
It was hard to breathe
Did you notice?
Did you notice?
I felt
Love swell up
Into my mouth
I tightened up
To keep it in
I got tense
To keep it in
Keep all in
I try to take
Care of you
I try to
Nurture you
But I can tell
You aren’t used to it
I can tell
You aren’t used to
Being loved
The way I love you
I hold it back
I hold it all back
So you
Don’t push me away
I want to be
The person
You exhale with
I want to be
The arms
That shelter you
Oh my God
In a split second
It was getting
Hard to breathe
Did you notice?

As I walked away
I thought
I never wanted
To love you
I never wanted
To fall into
Those beautiful blue
Eyes in the
Preppy blue shirt
And boyish smile
But now
I am quite sure
I never want to
Live without you
Will you let me
Nurture you
Will you let me
Take care of you
Will you let me
Eventually love you
Surrending into
The grey of the unknown
As change
Hangs in the air
Of our reality
I am going with our flow
Wherever it goes
Hoping that
You let me
Love you
But strong
Enough to accept
Whatever you choose
Just know
Right now
I am somewhere
With you

(C) 2017 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

Life is best when lived passionately!

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Love Changed Everything – Love, Sex And Poetry

Love Changed Everything – Love, Sex And Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

It’s blooming
From the
Deepest part
Of my soul
Bringing you
To my attention
Reminding me
Wherever I go
You are with me
It speaks my name
In the middle
Of the night
As I toss and turn
Staring at the clock
With you
On my mind
It spreads my legs
In arousal
And erotic submission
To the truth
In my heart
The truth
I carry
Day to day
The truth
I lay next to at night
The truth
That opens me
To a new power
Within me
It blooms from within me
As a force
To heard
It won’t be denied
It blooms from within me
As a force
To be felt
Breaking open
My heart to
To new depths
Breaking the dam
Of emotions
I’ve held back
My entire life
Showing me
My truth
It’s love
Love blooms
Within me
Love is changing me
Love is my hope
Love is my fire
I love you
Loving you
Is changing me
It’s making me
More courageous
And profoundly
To be a better version
Of myself
I am blooming from within
Loving you
Changed me
Love changed everything

(C) 2017 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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Life Is Best When Lived Passionately

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Love Letter ~ Love, Sex And Poetry

To the man I never wanted to love:

I never wanted to love you. I never wanted to fall in love with you. I was just walking down a hall minding my own business one day when BOOM! 😂There you were looking adorable and staring at my breasts. Flushed and confused, I found myself trying ignore what happened in hopes I wouldn’t fall. As time went on, I found my footing slip and I slowly fell into your beautiful blue eyes and have yet to find my way out.

I knew then I could not go back and look at you the way I used to. I couldn’t tell my heart that your eyes are just like all others. I couldn’t stop my heart from racing when you were near me. I couldn’t stop my body from becoming wet and aroused in your presence. I knew I was in love with you before you left a year ago.

Through this last year, I’ve grown and I’ve learned how to love you in healthy way. I also learned how to love myself unconditionally. It is in the framing of unconditional love I write these these words to you.

My heart swells with emotions as I consider moving into the future without you in my life.  I try to comprehend what that could mean to both of us.  How that change could impact who I am and how I live my life.  I ask myself if I can move through the pain of letting you go.  I ask myself if I will ever love another man after we let go.  I ask myself if my heart will find the path to love beyond you and how long will my heart hold your beautiful eyes in my focus before it opens up to another man.  I do not have answers to those questions.

There are a few things I do know to be true in my life. The truth is I can’t see my life without you. I can’t see how I will move forward knowing you are no longer in my experience. My other truth is I love you.  I love you.  Those are the three words that hang on the end of every sentence I write to you.  Those are three words I write in poetry for you.  Those are the three words my eyes say to you. Those are the three words I feel as my eyes swell with tears thinking about how will I ever let you go and live without you in my life.

As choices lay before you, I am not asking you to return to a place that no longer gives you fulfillment.  I want you to be happy, fulfilled and living your highest good life.  What I am asking you is to remember I am not like everyone else you leave behind.  I am not like others who will miss you.  I am different because I am a woman who loves a man.  I am different because I am in love with you.  Others may care about, respect you and admire you but I am in love with you.  When I let you go, I am letting go of love. When I say farewell, I am saying farewell to the man I love.  My eyes well up with tears as I allow myself just a moment to feel the heaviness of those emotions and comprehend what that means to both of us.

I see and intuitively know you are at a crossroads in your life.  Life is calling you to make big heavy choices. I sense your restlessness.  I feel you are half in and half out of everywhere; not completely sure where or how you will jump in all the way. But I also see a new man rising out of this transition.  I see a new conscious man rising and on the brink of a major transformation. Whether that transformation is physical or spiritual I am not sure.   I sense a new awareness in you.  It makes me love you even more.

As a woman who has been through major transformations and is flowing through life’s changes taking one deep breath at a time, I understand how it feels to be uncomfortable. I know how it feels to feel the weight of choices on your shoulders.  I will not allow myself to be needy or to burden you.  I want you to understand I will love you no matter what you choose. Even if your choice means I lose you, I support you in whatever choice you make because I want you to be happy and fulfilled. I want to help you find your highest good in life by being someone who loves you unconditionally.

As I stand back and flow through changes, I offer some insight I’ve learned along the way.  Transitions and transformation require a good bit of courage and require surrender into the flow of life.  These times of life are the times that remind us we are alive. They make our hearts race with excitement and perhaps make us even question our sanity.  But, trust me, these times of transformations are worth every bit of anxiety endured for they change us on a cellular level.

As you become conscious and start to listen to the wisdom in your own heart, you will know what path is right for you. You will also know it because it will feel scary and make you a little sick to your stomach.  Lol 😂 As I let go of my attachment to you, I consciously understand that just because you may not be in my daily life, doesn’t mean I am losing you.  I am hoping there will still be a place for me and my love in your life. I am hoping you see me as someone who can support you through your transformation. I am hoping you see me as a friend and quite possibly a co-conspirator 😈💋 I am hoping you see me as a woman who loves you and only wants your highest good.

I never really planned to write to this letter but I feel called to express these words in hopes you see them. I know the words I write here may overwhelm you. You may ask why do I write these words now? I write these words now because if I am truly on the brink of having to let you go forever, then I really have nothing left to lose anymore. I am ready to accept whatever choice you make and still love you unconditionally. That is what true love is…true love is free of conditions and attachments. Love is freedom. Love is the key 🔑💙🦋

(C) 2017 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

Life Is Best When Lived Passionately ART CREDIT: Robyn Chance,

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All Is Well ~ Love, Sex & Poetry

All Is Well ~ Love, Sex And Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Does your soul
Hear the echo
Of my name
When your heart
Longs to feel
The sweet melody
Of love
And hangs
On the edge
Of your mind
As one thought
Slides into your awareness
And another
Slides out
Is it my words
Aching in your heart
On the corners
Of your
Speaking into you with
Breaking your comfort by
All is well
My love
All Is well
Blue is my love
All is well
Is it my eyes
That rattle
The cage
You built around
Your passion
Locking it away
Until it
Pushes against
The bars
Of your bravery
To be set free
And pushed
Between my legs
Without resistance
Is it our fire
That lights the match
Of creation
Within our souls
And fits us together
As missing puzzle pieces
Completing the picture
My story
Your story
Are becoming our story
Is it the promise
Of my love and passion
Is it the promise of
Our Growth and fire
Is my promise of
Loyalty and friendship
Honesty and humility
Worth your sacrifice
Of comfort
Close your eyes
My love
Steady yourself
In my strength
Allow me
To breathe
The spirit of my soul
Into your lungs
All is well
Rest in the love
Of your soul mate
Rest in our love
All is Well
All is well
(C) 2017 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

Life Is Best When Lived Passionately

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My Love Is You ~ Love, Sex & Poetry

My Love Is You ~ Love, Sex And Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Love is
All I have
To offer you
Warmly reflected
In my eyes to yours
Gently swings
On my hips
As I pass you
Passing in air
As my energy
Brushes against you

Love is
All I have
To offer you
Hanging on
The pout
Of my lower lip
Glistening with
The anticipation
Of your kiss
Jiggling my cleavage
As I walk towards you
Inviting you
To hold my breasts
In your hands
And feel my warmth

Love is
All I have
To offer you
Written privately
For only
Your eyes to see
I miss you
Love is
Alive in my smile
As I look at you
Standing before me
Love is
When I feel
That you are
Near me
Come closer
Close enough
For me to
Whisper softly
Into your ear
I am happy
You are home
My love
Is you
Love is
All I have
To offer you
My love is
(C) 2017 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

Protected by Copyscape Online Copyright Search Protection StatusLife Is Best When Lived Passionately

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The Light Of Love ~ Love, Sex And Poetry 

The Light Of Love ~ Love, Sex And Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

I will
Show you
The way
If you let me
I will
Show you
The way to love
I will shine
My light
Into your soul
And call
To the passionate
Masculine energy
That calls
My name
When you
Look at me
I will
Help you release
The restless passion
In your soul
Your restless
Passion hangs
In my cleavage
I will call
Your passion to your
And ask for
It to rise
And meet me
I will feed
Your passion
If you let me
Let me

I will
Show you
The way
If you
Let me
I will
Set your heart
Ablaze with
The fire
Of sexual desire
I will
Lick the tip
Of your masculinity
And bring you
To attention
I will
Set you
On fire
If you
Let me
Let me

I will
Show you
The way
If you
Let me
I will
Be the light
In your heart
Your heart light
Warming you
With love
From the inside
Inspire you
To stand tall
In love
Stand tall
In my love
I will
Reassure you
That the path
To love
Is always
For our highest good
I will show you
Is the highest possible
Love is
Is a powerful
Point of attraction
Is greatest
Tool of creation
Vibrate love
With me
Vibrate love

I will
Show you
Pure love
Is the path
To profound
Any detour
Your path
Any roadblock
You face
You encounter
On the path
To your highest good
Serves a purpose
In your growth
I will reassure you
Love is the key

I will
My love
Into your heart
I will
Take your hand
And show you
The way to
I will walk
The path
Towards the
Highest good
With my hand
In yours
If you
Let me
If you
Let me
I will
Show you
If you
Let me
Let me
(C) 2017 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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Life Is Best When Lived Passionately

I had a wonderful day. I was happy and vibrating with love💙🦋My Blue Eyed muse was in my atompshere and inspired me with love 🙏💙🦋 I had a great first meeting with my new boss. I said farewell to my former boss as he leaves for a bigger opporttunity. He said he wanted to take me with him but didn’t think they would let him😂😂I laughed and said I would go and was up for a change of scene😂We both laughed it off but I think we were both a little serious😂😂

I starting to feel really good physically; I was told I was looking great today😂👍I walked four miles tonight. It was just beautiful. Heading to Philly for the day tomorrow for family time & I have a coaching call on Sunday with a potential client👍🙌All good things are happening in my life. I have been focusing on keeping my vibration high 👍I am vibrating LOVE💙🦋It’s powerful🙌✌️

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Shakti Rises ~ Love, Sex And Poetry

Shakti Rises ~ Love, Sex And Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

It’s rising
Pushing away
All that
No longer serves
The evolution
Of her soul
Pulling into
Her awareness
The new paradigm
Of a spirit
That has been awakened
To her true power
By love
And self acceptance
She opens
Her heart
For the first time
To her true
Authentic power
She rises
And for
The first time
Honors the
Divine feminine
Energy within her soul
Shakti rises
She is
For the first time
To herself
Shakti rises
The divinely feminine
Woman within her
Radiating true
Love and compassion
From the center
Of her womanhood
Stirring her sensuality
With the heat
Of spiritual creation
She calls
To her warrior
Her blue eyed warrior
The keeper of her heart
The Masculine balance
To her feminine
She calls
She calls to him
Awaken lover
Rise spiritually
Side by side with her
Stand tall
In her atmosphere
Of love & creation
Soak in her essence
And Breath in
Her Loving femininity
Skakti rises
In love
And holding a space
For his heart
In the
Warmth of her thighs
The heat of co-creation
Between them rises
She whispers
To her lover
In coded messages
For only
Him to see
She calls to him
Rise in love
You are
And desired
Rise in
Her atmosphere
Your worries
Into the energy
Of the
Divine Feminine
And be loved
Loved by
The Divine Feminine
Shakti rises
(C) 2017 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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Life Is Best When Lived Passionately

Shakti energy is definitely rises in me 🙏It is transformational 🙌 I’ve taken some great steps for my healing and holistic well being lately. I’ve asserted boundaries. I held myself accountable for my actions. The highlight of my week is that I’ve reclaimed my daily yoga practice. After being injured and not feeling well for so long, this is a huge step in my recovery, not only physically but also psychologically. When I am done writing this, I am doing a 60 minute Slow Yoga practice; I walked four miles this morning. Yoga will help balance that out 😊🙏 Mostly, this week I’ve chosen love over fear. Every day I pray to God and my Guides to help choose love over fear. I pray to act with love over fear. It’s made a huge difference in my vibration 🙏🙌✌️

One note about my blog: I’ve started having Skype Coaching sessions with folks now so I really need to get my Holistic Health Coaching website up. I can’t work full time, go to school, coach and maintain three sites. I will be transitioning the Awakened Healer Blog content to my Holistic Health Coaching Site Blog once it’s up. I wont be posting much on there until I get it moved.

I will still be writing the Love, Sex And Poetry Blog and using this site for poetry and personal writings. Love, Sex And Poetry is my passion. I write it because I love writing it. I hope you continue to enjoy reading it 💙🦋✌️🙌

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I Am ~ Love, Sex And Poetry 

I Am ~ Love, Sex And Poetry
Love, Sex And Poetry

I am
I am the love
That surrounds
Your heart
In white protective light
Warming you with
The rays
Of the sun’s love
Beaming with
Joy and compassion
I am
I am the courage
Speaking bravery
Into your
Beautiful soul
Showing the
True warrior
That lives within you
Calling to your
Most high self
To affirm
Your heart’s intention
And honor
Your soul’s calling
I am
I am the path
Of highest good
Laid before you
Showing you
The best
That you can be
Asking you
To trust
The love
That is given
And honor
The craving
Of your soul
Instead of your ego
I am
I am eternal love
My love
Remains true
And steady
It hasn’t wavered
In absence
But grown
In the fire
And heat
Of our
Joined minds
And power
Of conscious creation
I am
I am made from love
My eyes glisten
Into yours
My lips
Breathe passion
Into your heart
My breasts rise
In arousal
As your energy
Approaches mine
My hips relax
And open
Waiting for you
To press
Between them
And finally
Find peace
I am
Unconditional love
I am the
Unconditional love
That loves you
Without expectations
Or attachments
I am the
Unconditional love
That wants
The best and highest good
For both of us
I am the
Unconditional love
That respects your free will
To choose your life
But holds a space
For you
A Loving nurturing space
For you
In my heart
I am your
Unconditional love
You are
Loved Unconditionally
(C) 2017 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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Life Is Best When Lived Passionately


One of the underpining of my Integrative Nutrition coursework is that holistic nutrition in one’s life comes from having balance and fulfilment in the Primary areas of life such as career, exercise, spirituality and relationships. I realized earlier this week that I was devoting so much time to my full time job & school work (tasks) that I was starting to feel unbalanced in my life. I knew it was time for me to pull back a bit and rebalance myself.

I slept 12 hours last night 😴 I was exhausted on many levels. I am an early riser so I was shocked when I woke up at 9am. I found out by 9:30am that my afternoon commitment was reschedule for tomorrow. This presented me with an opportunity to completely focus on nurturing myself all day and do things that nourish my mind, body and soul.

I walked down to the local breakfast hangout where everyone knows my name 😂I sat at the counter and enjoyed my breakfast while chatting with some locals and the servers who have become friends. I walked five miles on the boardwalk and enjoyed the beautiful sunshine. I bought all of my organic vegetables which I will cook tomorrow. I came home read my new book for two hours. I did a slow yoga practice focusing on my breath. I prayed, chanted mantras and meditated in silience. As I stood up from meditation the above poem was pushing against my heart and Blue Love came to mind. I curled up under the blanket and wrote the poem. I will finish my rebalance day with some more reading, Game Of Thrones from last Sunday and maybe a movie. Hopefully, I will sleep another 12 hours tonight 😂Tomorrow will be a busy day. I have school work and couple of school related phone calls plus cooking and laundry to tackle. But today – today is about doing things I enjoy and rebalancing my life…

What a beautiful day it has been 🙌🙏🦋It would have been absolutely spectacular if BlueLove was here in bed with me today 😉💙🦋💋

I am very grateful for this beautiful time of my life 🦋

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You Are Still My Fire ~ Love, Sex And Poetry

I Originally posted this poem in December of 2015. I am reposting it today because it keeps popping into my mind and appearing in my blog stats. Every time I see it I am reminded Blue Love set this fire inside of me with the flash of his beautiful blue eyes and the energy of sex that hangs in the air when we are near each other. I’ve noticed a new level of comfort between us. I also feel our fire is burning even hotter now than it did years before. In the beginning it was just an intense sexual attraction. But now, well now, it is so much more. We are so much more to each other. Sexual desire lit the match but the flame continues to be fanned by our soul connection 🙌💋💥That and, well, he’s cute and makes me horny 😈🔥💋🦋💙

You Are My Fire ~ Love, Sex and Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Within my soul
A fire burning
Like a candle
In the window
This love
This heat
Fire breathing
Your name
In a heart shaped inferno
Without end
I am trapped
In the middle
Of its flames
Of desire
No escape from
Its reach
It surrounds me
My desire for you
Takes my breathe away
And makes me wet
As I stare into
Those eyes
I love so much
They pull me further into
Your grasp
My feverish desires
Pushing against the edge
Of my lips
Attempting to break free
It’s the heat
Of your hands
Touching my body
Its in your eyes
Sparking blue
Looking into mine
It’s in the weight
Of your body
Pressing against me
It’s in my legs
Wrapped around you
Heat rises
You are the fire
In my soul
Too hot to ignore
Fire Burns
I fan the flames
To keep us burning
I stoke your fire
To set us a blaze
In this inferno
You are the match
That lights my body
And soul on fire
You are my fire
(C) 2015 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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Life Is Best When Lived Passionately


I am pretty sure people can tell by my poetry I’m a hopeless romantic❤️ This song absolutely melts me into lust. No other way to say it. Melt with me🔥🔥🔥💋❤️😈💥😇

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